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    5 things you need to do before you start software development
    31 Jan 2019 in Business

    You have an idea and want it to become an application. At first glance, it might look like there is nothing in between the idea and the code that brings it to life. Before you start the actual development part, we strongly convince you to make sure you remembered about the steps you can take [...]

    Playing Lean – a board game in the service of product building
    17 Jan 2019 in Business

    Playing Lean - the game every entrepreneur should play Sitting through lectures on thermodynamics won’t make you feel any closer to flying just as sitting through lectures on startups and Lean won’t let you feel any closer to investing in your idea. If it’s the business emotions and knowledge you’d like to experience firsthand, you [...]

    Tech trends of 2018 – are they staying with us in 2019?
    27 Dec 2018 in Business

    With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to sum up this year’s most remarkable tech moments. The year 2018 has brought some noteworthy events, starting with the successful launch of SpaceX’ Falcon heavy rocket, NASA launch of TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite), InSight probe landing on Mars, and a fiasco launch of Facebook Portal. [...]

    Artificial intelligence implementation in 5 steps
    12 Dec 2018 in Business

    What does the artificial intelligence implementation process look like? Artificial intelligence is a cutting-edge solution for a wide range of industries, including human resources and customer service in the broad sense. That’s not just a marriage of convenience - AI brings relief to a wide range of products and services. The constant growth and development [...]

    Node.js vs JAVA – which solution contributes more to modern-day web development?
    22 Nov 2018 in Business  &  Technical

    Which solution contributes more to web development? In one corner, we have the great old one, lingua franca of corporate IT and the once (and forever?) king of internet programming. Its opponent, the young challenger, Node.js, is the recently raised future ruler of web app development, spawn of the omnipresent JavaScript. Is this the ultimate [...]

    Node.js vs PHP – which solution adds more value to early stage startups?
    08 Nov 2018 in Business  &  Technical

    The background story Long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… JavaScript and PHP ruled the internet together. PHP handled server-side tasks and JS managed details in the browser. This non-aggression pact supported pillars of the internet and lasted for years. Everything changed when Node.js emerged, and suddenly, there was no longer need [...]

    10 Best Books on Business Development
    25 Oct 2018 in Business

    If you want to grow, you need to learn, there is no exception to this universal rule. These titles were chosen by our Head of Business Development, combined with suggestions gathered from his peers - a selection of books that will not only help you grow as a business developer but, in the bigger picture, [...]

    The Node.js and JS foundations want to merge
    11 Oct 2018 in Business  &  Technical

    JavaScript changes over the horizon The two major open-source JavaScript foundations, Node.js and JavaScript, have recently issued an announcement on their merging plans. The information released on the 4th October 2018 sparked a discussion over the communities’ future. The Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation boards have met several times already to discuss a potential alignment [...]

    Skillhunt – Case Study
    21 Sep 2018 in Case studies

    Background Hiring the best developers is one of the major struggles in the IT industry. The difficulty itself doesn’t mean there are not enough programmers; the problem is, many of them do not wish to speak to recruiters and HR managers ever again. Once they land a suitable job, they do not check available job [...]

    Revolutions as breakthrough factors in business
    20 Sep 2018 in Business  &  Technical

    Is robotic process automation the wind of change for the current economy?   The economic history of the world is a record of remarkable milestones changing the industrial development. Are we facing a new revolution right now or is this just a slogan pushed by self-proclaimed “tech evangelists”? The history of market revolutions takes us [...]