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Node.js is currently one of the most popular back-end JavaScript runtime environments. It’s famous for its speed, impressive performance, and feature-rich real-time services.

Whether you want to start completely from scratch or develop an already existing product, we are here to help you build cutting-edge solutions with one of the best technologies on the market.

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Benefits of Node.js

Developing the final product does not belong to those simple tasks you can handle during just one lazy afternoon. It’s worth paying attention to which technology fits you best, as your choice will surely affect other aspects of the product’s functionality. Although every runtime environment has its pros and cons, happy to say that Node is far more famous for the first ones. Let’s check if they meet your needs.


Thanks to non-blocking I/O, Node apps can run numerous tasks on one thread – they load fast and handle multiple efforts simultaneously. So if you spot someone sitting hunched in front of the desk, and reloading the same page for the nth time, you can be sure they are not struggling with an app based on Node!


In case of any need to wait for data delivered from other components, the app tells the inquiry to stay in the queue and, in the meantime, focuses on other tasks. It makes Node a perfect solution for collaboration applications or real-time chats. Impressive speed results in better UX, as the user doesn’t need to wait long for the app to load.

JS compatibility

Node.js uses JavaScript (JS) engines. Such a solution simplifies cooperation between front-end and back-end developers. It stems from the fact they share the same set of tools, libraries, and other coding facilitators. Therefore the process becomes more smooth and efficient.


The greatest market giants brag about switching to Node.js. This JavaScript environment is often listed in the success stories of companies such as PayPal, Netflix, LinkedIn, Groupon or Uber. Compared to other languages, Node.js is renowned for performance gains, startup time reduction, doubled speed or quick iteration. And this list doesn’t end with that!


In coding, the first rule of popularity states that with a great deal of tracking fans we get a truck of rich libraries just in the kit. Obviously, Node is not an exemption and as an open-source software has its active and well-established community. That is why all the resources are easily accessible – and all the problems that may happen are already solved as well.

Examples of Node.js development solutions

Real-time chats

These are one of the most popular applications you can build with Node.js. The framework has an Event API that supports developers working in the event-driven modes. Such a functionality is of high value during the implementation of features commonly used in real-time communicators such as server-side events and push notifications. The event-driven structure of Nodej.js allows it to establish and maintain collaboration with WebSocket, crucial for a quick exchange of messages between the client and server via one open connection.

Real-time chats

Collaboration Apps

Two of the biggest advantages of Node.js are its speed and scalability. That is why it is said to be the perfect solution for every tech idea that requires real-time responsibility. Such an app can be dedicated to co-browsing, conference organization, or even cross-teams project management. Trello, Slack, and Google Docs – the most popular office automatization tools – are great examples of such apps.

Collaboration Apps

Scheduling engines

Although we often take seamless meeting scheduling for granted, in fact, this mechanism needs advanced data synchronization combined with a system of real-time notifications. And you don’t want your customers to struggle with an inefficient solution, right? Whether you want to build a booking app (e.g., for booking tables in a restaurant) or you want scheduling to be one of its many features, such an app needs to be responsive and fast. Thanks to its speed and multitasking abilities, Node.js is a common choice when building a booking engine.


Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is anything connected to the Internet sharing data. Anything! These can be sensors, beacons, and much more as far as it’s electronic. Node.js enables the processing of multiple requests and a vast number of devices (even millions). It creates an efficient application layer that sticks the IoT devices with the databases storing the data extracted from the mentioned devices.

IoT, Internet of Things

Have a look at the success stories of our clients

Agile deployment of API integration solutions

Thanks to cooperation, while our team tackled the implementation of components, AppMixer’s team could finally focus on the development of the core of the app.

View the case study
View the case study - AppMixer
Custom platform for top online yoga studio

When we first approached Portal Yogi, our Client was already the most famous online yoga studio in Europe. We handled a tough task to meet users’ expectations.

View the Case Study
View the Case Study - PortalYogi
They’re responsive and punctual and they grasp objectives quickly. Their investment in project success and capacity for high-level requirements give them a competitive edge.
Mervyn Lau, CEO and Founder, Bellion Clofe


What to expect from Node.js development company?

Get a high-end product that meets your needs

Work with professionals always ready to be on fire with multiple challenges and groundbreaking ideas. If you’re willing to take part in a truly developing brainstorming session, you can count on us!

Work with a team that values communication

Engage in the project fulfilled with transparency and heartfully attitude. No matter where you’re located, always stay in touch with the developing team and get the support you need.

Take an advantage of field expertise

At Neoteric we believe that tech specialization revolves around reaching data-driven decisions. Thus we’ll help you set the metrics that contribute to your product’s success and then monitor their latter performance.

Examples of industries we can build software for
Fitness app development
E-commerce development
Healthcare software development
Real estate software solutions
Logistics software development
Financial services
Education platforms
Telecommunication services
Neoteric met their deliverables for each sprint. As problems arose, they came up with solutions, resulting in a successful engagement. An experienced and honest team, they deliver high-quality work.
Agnes Jawinska, Director of Internal Development & BI, 4Com Technologies Ltd.
Agnes Jawinska, Director of Internal Development & BI, 4Com Technologies Ltd.


Frequently asked questions concerning Node.js development

What are the benefits of using Node.js for web app development?

Summing up, these are impressive scalability, great speed, and a wide active community for which Node is famous. Building software in Node also means increased efficiency, strong backing, and smooth cooperation between front-end and back-end teams.

What are the challenges regarding Node.js app development?

Frameworks that use Node.js usually don’t provide the developers with any guidance. And as a result, development requires a more individual approach and programming experience. It is also connected with the whole characteristic of this popular environment having an active community – there’s an ocean of information you can find on websites while searching for help, and you should know which solutions suit your projects. While maintaining a Node.js app, it is crucial to have a trustworthy team of developers boasting robust programming experience.

Which is better: Node.js or Python?

The answer is: it depends. Various projections require different solutions according to certain needs. Although Python is the leading language of data science, we can’t call it a champion on the point of performance. Its frameworks demand more hardware resources than Node’s. On the other hand, Node is indeed equipped with event-driven architecture based on asynchronous calls and stream modules, but it does not have to fit the memory limit. So: it depends.

What are the reasons for outsourcing Node.js development?

This issue is strongly related to the vision of your product and the capacity of your teams. If you wonder whether outsourcing Node.js brings you any benefits, think of lower development and operation costs, wider access to experienced developers and assured quality built thanks to understanding the key objectives and the platform itself. Also, if you don’t have an experienced team of Node.js developers at your disposal, it’s probably more profitable to outsource such a service rather than hire the whole team just for the development of one project.

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