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Build your app in a thoughtful manner! Going through the process of product design helps you save time, money, and bring your app to the market 2-3 times faster than you expect.

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Solve problems and build great user experience

A dedicated team will help you crystallize your idea and bring your product to life. The team will be there to support you throughout the entire design process: starting with discovery workshops, through designing and prototyping, up to your product’s launch.

Product Design is more scientific than it may seem, the art part is not that big. It’s about solving potential problems and crafting interfaces providing unique experiences. These factors play a crucial role in the product’s success.


Here’s what the process of product design looks like


Step 1: Discovery workshops


The workshop’s aim is to give us full understanding of your product and expectations and for you to plan a successful product development process with the right requirements and priorities.

During Discovery Workshops with the elements of Google Venture’s Design Sprint methodology, we collect business requirements, map business ideas into epics and, further, user stories, define project scope, draft MVP with goals and milestones, set priorities and deadlines, define UX of your app, groom the backlog and discuss your expectations towards both the final product and the team’s work. Our product designers will guide you through the process, advise you on any matter, and ask questions to make sure that your product is well-understood.

Step 2: Wireframe


Wireframes are the initial, basic visual representation of what the application will look like. It helps you see, not just imagine, the product you’re creating at a very early stage of the process. You don’t have to commit anything to code just yet, there’s no use in doing that when you’re not sure what you really want. The wireframe serves as an outline for future development.

The role of the product designer here is to help you fix issues in your user journey, create very intuitive and user-friendly navigation, give users the right content, and, consequently, improve conversion and make your customers happy with the experience your product provides.

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Step 3: Initial concept of design


With the wireframes ready, we can now focus on what your app will look like. The wireframe has shown the initial placement of basic elements, now we give them the looks.

During this stage of product design, we prepare a few screens with the final UI (user interface) for you to see. It’s not as basic anymore, that’s where styles, colors, fonts, pictures, and other visual elements come into play. We can still easily make changes to the design, or, if you accept it, we can implement the design for the entire product.

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Step 4: UI & clickable prototype


There’s more to a great interface than just the looks. Great UI provides delightful user experience (UX). In order to build that, we need to thoroughly understand your users’ needs and problems, as well as their behaviors.

After we’ve established the details concerning User Interface (UI), we can show you the first clickable prototype that allows to move between screens. Everything is still easy to edit, as special tools allow us to create interactive prototypes that help collaborate on and test designs effectively, before coding is involved. A simple prototype helps us make sure that we provided exceptional userflow. It also makes it easier to estimate your project when it’s about to be developed.

What happens next

The design part is done, so what happens next? With your project outlined, tested, estimated, and planned, we can start developing it!

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Step 5: Development


We work on every project in Lean & Agile alignment, making sure that new build are delivered fast and you have time to test and adjust. Our Quality Assurance team takes part in the process to make sure that the product we deliver is of highest quality.

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Step 6: Product launch


Ready, set, go! Your app is now ready to hit the market. We’ll support you in the process of getting your app published.

Our approach towards Product Design

Our team has extensive experience in building great products and building user experiences that live up to the expectations. Our work includes a lot of research and testing and it relies heavily on feedback. We believe that transparency and collaboration are key elements of every project.

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Test as soon
as you can

Test your idea with a clickable prototype before development, without a single line of code to save time and money.


Full support at every stage: from the sole idea to a ready clickable prototype.

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Creating great UX for your customers leads to your product’s success.

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Each sprint brings you value from newly completed user stories.

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Dedicated support
and coaching

Workshops and expert advice available when you need them.

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Transparency at
every stage

Smooth, truthful communication is a must in every project.

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The opinion of you and your clients matters to us the most.

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