Whether you are a first-time founder taking his first steps in the world of digital-first companies, or an experienced entrepreneur with several successful exits on her account, the fact that you are in this ecosystem, that you had courage to start your own business, proves that you are a person who push the boundaries and is always eager to take one extra step further.
If this is correct, this column is for you. You will find articles covering different areas of business, technology, and innovation.

Explore the articles and learn about:
  • Digital transformation and innovations
  • Business strategies and startup ecosystems
  • How to raise an investment round?
  • How Agile delivery processes in software development look like?
  • How to deal with different challenges of remote software development projects?
  • And other topics loosely related to running innovative businesses.

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Web Development

Learn how to build innovative products that help your business grow.

Artificial Intelligence

Tips, insights, and latest news on Artificial Intelligence brought by world’s top AI devs.

Product Design

All you need to know to develop digital products that your customers will love.

Fitness software development

Learn how to build fitness apps that keep your customers engaged.


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