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Battle the complexity of analysis with the power of interactive data visualization. Manage workflows more effectively and at lower costs to scale up your business!

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Examples of awesome apps you can carve with us

Create graphs, flowcharts, and diagrams to improve any workflow you wish! Customized interactive solutions let the users organize and display the data most conveniently. Thanks to this mechanism, users can finally focus on critical metrics, connections between them, and understanding the business logic behind every task.

API Integration Solutions

Diagramming, enhanced with backend, can be used to develop API integration solutions that allow users with no programming skills to modify the data. For example, with drag and drop user interface and SDK (Software Development Kit) it is possible to integrate data sources and create workflows without need for any coding. It lets employees focus on product development rather than asking the IT department for the integrations’ customization.

Business Process Modeling

Make the creative processes easy! Enhance custom apps with interactive dashboards containing flow charts, graphs and diagrams to represent relations between the units. For example, suppose you would like to boost employees’ performance. In that case, you can use diagramming to create an app showing how one’s KPIs affect the other department’s goals and how they are, in real-time, completed according to the company’s strategy.

Floor Planners

Whether it’s a small project for the office renovation or managing the control status of enormous chemistry laboratories, the diagramming tool will make the whole task easier. With customized templates, you can draw your own facility’s plan with the possibility to assign a function (kitchen, chill room?) or a particular employee responsible for this sector. And you need no particular expertise in this field.

Interactive data visualization

Even a professional data analyst can be fed up with reading rough data without a meaningful story glimpsing in the corner. Operating on data displayed in an entirely non-intuitive way slows down the analyses and leaves employees with the feeling of boredom or even frustration. Instead of spending arduous hours staring at the static report’s charts and struggling to spot any connection, you can boost your data analysis with interactive flowcharts, graphs and diagrams.

Collaboration Tools

How about creating meetings and workshops, managing agile workflows, strategy & research assemblings just through one tool? Such a solution improves users’ collaboration experience, enhances productivity, and leads to better outcomes. It also eliminates the problem of team members feeling tired due to switching between multiple communication channels.

One tool to rule them all

See how using diagramming possibilities resulted in the development of a tool comprising numerous other applications of diverse implementation methods. And also how it led to time & money savings.

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Case study illustration: a tool comprising numerous other applications of diverse implementation methods
Performance Management Tool that boosts employees’ engagement

Thanks to applying a visual layer for displaying connections between employees’ and departments’ KPIs, our client increased performance awareness among all the users.

Case study illustration: performance management tool
Simplifying the process of designing floor planning

The workspace organization plan enables administrators to draw their plans, assign employees to certain areas and monitor the inspection status. As a result, employees became more aware of the workspace state, and administrators could save time thanks to simple design options.

Case study illustration: workspace organization plan
While quantitative results can't be measured at the moment, the end product that Neoteric developed has been successfully implemented in the company's facilities, which has been met with positive reception. The internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the quality of their deliverables.

Astghik Sargsyan, Product Owner at Nanoramic

Benefits of using diagramming

Process simplification

Diagramming solutions enable creating apps that represent the data transparently, allowing users to draw their schemes and ideas that result in process simplification. Whether we are thinking of a tool for performance management, floor planning or developing collaboration spaces, letting users understand the business logic behind every project influences the process immensely.

Better results tracking and measurements

Where there is any metric to follow, an opportunity to use diagramming possibilities arises. Let’s have a look at the example of laboratory spaces. Thanks to using, for instance, color coding to display the current state of an area, employees can be easily oriented in the inspection statuses. And, in case of any guidelines breaching, react fast and effectively.

Improve the effectiveness of process management

Putting a significant value on displaying the data makes it easy to conclude on their basis. By providing a possibility to organize the data and manage processes schemes for non-technical people, diagramming helps companies switch between different tasks, saving time and money. And with JointJS+, you can develop those apps faster than with the use of alternatives.

What to expect from the bespoke diagramming software development company?

Boost your business with a high-end product

Cooperate with professionals who listen to your needs and are willing to dive into your ideas, test the assumptions and validate the concept.

Work with partners who value communication

Communicate with developers who will help you not only solve the technical problems but will also understand the business challenges standing behind them.

Monitor your success criteria with well-thought metrics

If you wish, we can help you set up appropriate success criteria to monitor the app’s performance according to the goals you want to achieve.

We’re impressed with their ability to deliver their requirements with agility. Everything has been accomplished faster than expected, which I believe is the highlight of our collaboration.I would recommend working with them because they can do a good job of iterating your vision, especially if you don’t have a clear picture of your goals.

Byung Park, CSO at Next Tomorrow

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Our software development process

As we provide diagramming solutions that are meant for improving workflows, it is not a surprise that we value well defined management processes. That is why we developed a repeatable method of software development to reduce the number of delays and potential misunderstandings. It helps us keep communication transparent and deliver high-end products that meet our clients’ expectations.

Software development process


It’s high time to start our journey! After you submit the query on our Estimate Page, our Business Development Manager will reach out to you as soon as possible. We will schedule a meeting so we can initially discuss your ideas and plan the following steps, which are technical calls and workshops. Of course, it is also the right time to ask us whatever you want!


After ice-breaking, we invite you to the workshops with the correct plan adjusted depending on the phase of your project. The main meetings’ goals are to deepen our understanding of how your product should work, what your needs are, and to draw and test the assumptions. In addition, you will meet our developers and get project timelines, estimates and technological and business recommendations.

Scrum development

Let’s bring your project to life! Guided by our strong motivation, we want to deliver the product as soon as possible. Therefore, we love scrum: working in sprints helps us face this challenge. At the end of each sprint, you get working elements you can test with users. Moreover, you are involved in every app development phase so you’re always up to date and in control over the development process.

Product Launch

Let’s bring your project to life! Guided by our strong motivation, we want to deliver the product as soon as possible. Therefore, we love scrum: working in sprints helps us face this challenge. At the end of each sprint, you get working elements you can test with users. Moreover, you are involved in every app development phase so you’re always up to date and in control over the development process.


What is diagramming software?

Diagramming software lets users create diagrams/charts that present meaningful data and the flow of information. It comes with the gamut of predefined shapes and symbols that can be bonded together to visualize connections between various factors.

Why use diagramming software?

Diagramming software, through interactive data visualization, helps users understand the business logic standing behind tasks. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for process management improvement. Moreover, operating on data displayed in an easy to navigate way supports better results tracking. Interactive data visualization clarifies complex systems, provides vizual space to collaborate thus supporting communication among the teams.

What is the best diagramming software?

Everything depends on your needs! If you would like your software to be easily scalable (so as to have space for further development, for example: broadening the range of data types included), it is recommended to have a look at the bespoke diagramming software. Such software is customized according to your needs, data you would like to insert or the platforms your company uses.

What is the difference between diagramming and Business Process Management and Notation (BPMN)?

Difference between BPMN and diagramming resides in the idea of interacting with the data. Although BPMN tools can provide a graphical representation of specific business processes, diagramming lets users organize the data and enables interaction with 3rd party tools.

What is actually JointJS+?

JointJS+ is the commercial extension for the JointJS Core library which is a diagramming framework for advanced applications.

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