Tech Talks: Digital Fitness

Grow your fitness business online

Watch interviews with entrepreneurs active in the fitness industry.
Learn how they grow their businesses, what challenges related
to digitalization they faced, and how they use data to stay up-to-date
with their customers’ expectations.

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How to grow a fitness business online?

In the first episode of Tech Talks: Digital Fitness, we are meeting Ewa Wysocka – founder & CEO of Tribe 47, a digital marketing agency, and a co-founder of PortalYogi, the biggest Polish online community for yoga lovers. We’re talking about the role of communication in growing online fitness businesses, trends shaping the industry, and the community aspects of digital product development. Watch and learn how to involve your customers in the process of app design, how to gather their feedback and increase their loyalty to your brand.

About the speaker

Ewa Wysocka
Founder & CEO of Tribe47, Co-founder of Portal Yogi

Founder and CEO of Tribe47, a boutique GROWTH agency specializing in developing and implementing online marketing and sales strategies for subscription businesses and apps, online academies, and mono-brand eCommerce businesses. Co-founder of PortalYogi — Poland’s largest online yoga platform. Speaker & trainer at over 100 conferences including TEDx, I LOVE MARKETING, Infoshare, Mindvalley University.

Ewa Wysocka - founder & CEO of Tribe 47


Boosting your MarianaTek platform with custom software solutions

Are you thinking about going beyond what the standard Mariana Tek platform offers to your studio? Are you considering building your own member app? Sign up for the webinar and learn how to take full advantage of Mariana Tek’s 5th tab, engage your users, and improve brand recognition.

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How to design a future-proof tech roadmap to fuel your gym’s growth and avoid traps along the way?

Find out how to choose the right tech stack for a gym, how to design a future-proof tech roadmap, and how to avoid traps along the way.

How to boost customer engagement with movement recognition?

See how computer vision helps top fitness companies increase their customers’ engagement. Find out how AI bridges the gap between online and offline workouts and what it takes to start using it.

Exercise Intelligence

A webinar with Mikael Mattsson, Svexa

Find out how data analytics supports athletes in their training and health recovery. Let be taken behind the scene of cognitive performance. Learn about major steps to start working with the power of data.

AI-powered Digital Fitness

A webinar with Olivia Milne,

See how AI changes the landscape of fitness. Find out how companies use AI-powered fitness solutions to personalize their products & improve customer retention. Learn what it takes to start using AI.

Socially responsible fitness

A webinar with Eric Chessen, founder of Autism Fitness®

How to run a fitness company that makes an impact? Learn why we need socially responsible fitness businesses, and how to build and scale a product designed to serve a niche group of users.

The future of the fitness industry

A webinar with David Bluman, CEO of Fitness Education Institute

In this episode, David Bluman and Darek Kociecki focus on the fitness market and technology trends. Watch and learn how to embrace the change and stay relevant in a competitive space.

Fitness app design

A talk with Konrad Majewski, Senior UX/UI Designer, Neoteric

Listen to Darek Kociecki and Konrad Majewski talk about designing a thriving fitness app. Find out what the expert has to say about major trends and best practices.

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