“The culture eats strategy for breakfast.” That’s right: no matter how strong your strategic plan is, it’s the people implementing the plan who make all the difference and who can change a mediocre organization into an outstanding one.
This category is different from the other ones. In here, you won’t find many “how to” articles or experts’ opinions. Instead, we will share a real-life story, our story, of working on the company’s culture. If you want to learn how we got from 1 to 100 people who share the idea of freedom & responsibility and see how it impacts our day to day work, you are in the right place.

In these articles, you will find out:
  • What is the culture of a company and how it impacts your business decisions?
  • How can you influence your company’s culture?
  • How can you influence your company’s culture?
  • How do software engineers create culture and how does it impact your organization?
  • What is the best work culture and how to develop one that will work best for your company?
  • And much more!

Read our editors’ picks and learn how to create a company culture that people will want to follow.

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