Custom software development services for energy & utilities industry

Adopt custom energy software solutions to improve your business’ effectiveness, safety, and accessibility. Unlock data’s potential with cloud migration, artificial intelligence, and interactive data visualization.

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Benefit from your data more than ever

Companies in the energy and utilities industry have access to numerous data sources, from individual stakeholder energy usage data to whole geospatial energy maps.

Unfortunately, the energy data often comes in unstructured formats and huge amounts. Moreover, thresholds & limits are strictly determined, and companies in the energy sector cannot afford any rough guesses.

We understand these challenges. That is why we put our heart into developing custom energy solutions that help you utilize the data better than ever.

Whether you would like to optimize & control energy stock, reduce your IT infrastructure cost, generate energy savings, or monitor your energy system performance more easily and efficiently, you can count on us.

Energy software solutions

Cloud energy

Move your data and applications to the cloud to reduce costs of the IT infrastructure, increase business agility and improve data storage’s security. Access your business dashboards via browser anytime & anywhere to boost your operations’ efficiency.

Interactive data

Monitor the performance of energy management systems effortlessly and in real-time. With JointJS+ data visualization, we can help you create dashboards and audit energy usage & capacity in an intuitive way.

Implement machine learning solutions to drive predictive maintenance, pinpoint outages and optimize energy stock. Not sure how it works? Don’t worry. Our dev team can make a free implementation of one AI hypothesis provided by your end.

The end product that Neoteric developed has been successfully implemented in the company's facilities, which has been met with positive reception. The internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the quality of their deliverables.
Astghik Sargsyan, Product Owner at Nanoramic, R&D energy company

Astghik Sargsyan, Product Owner at Nanoramic, R&D energy company

Let’s unlock your data’s potential together

As an energy software development company, we’ve been working on numerous data management projects, which let us gain vast experience in processing cloud migration, visualizing data through intuitive dashboards, and incorporating AI into the apps. We also helped our clients set up their future-proof data strategies and measure outcomes after products’ launch.

If you want to know how your energy business can benefit from:

  • cloud migration
  • artificial intelligence
  • interactive data visualization

Let’s jump on a 1-hour call where our engineers will answer all your questions.

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Energy and utilities software development solutions we developed

Energy consumption monitoring bringing ROI in less than a year

We cooperated with Egain to develop cloud dashboards to help employees monitor energy consumption across different buildings. With the reports generated in the panel, administrators can easily calculate the profitability of the investment measured with the metrics of their choice.

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Simplifying the process of floor planning for an R&D energy company

Our teams used interactive data visualization solutions to develop the workspace organization app for Nanoramic Laboratories. The app enabled administrators to draw their plans, assign employees to certain areas and monitor the inspection status. As a result, the companies’ employees became more aware of the workspace state, and administrators could save time thanks to simple design options.

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US media company
Migrating data to Google Cloud in 3 months

We supported our client in migrating to the Google Cloud Platform from Axciom DataCenter. The migration was completed in less than 3 months and, as a result, our client acquired secure access to data storage.

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Technologies used in energy software development




Node.js + Nest.js


React / Angular

Our AI & data analytics skillset:

Predictive analytics / predictive algorithms
Recommender systems
Big Data

Energy data visualization

Figma logo
Scalable design systems
Illustration: scalable design systems
JointJS and GoJS logo

Frequently asked questions about energy software development services

How much does custom energy software development for the energy industry cost?

The price range for custom energy software development
services is rather wide. A simple MVP, without any advanced features or fancy design, can cost as little as $50K. A complex digital product utilizing AI and adjusted to different web and mobile platforms will be much more expensive – the cost of such advanced apps can easily reach $1M. To assess the cost of developing a specific product, it is necessary to consider several factors. If you’d like to know how much your product may cost, please get in touch with our consultants: Let’s talk!

How big is your energy app development team?

Currently, Neoteric hires over 50 people. We also have a wide network of verified contractors of various specializations who can be engaged in the projects.

Can you help me with custom energy management software development?

That’s what we do! For years, we’ve been offering custom software development services for the energy industry, including energy management software development, cloud migration, visualizing data through intuitive dashboards, and incorporating AI into energy platforms and apps.

How long does custom energy software development usually take?

Usually, we aim to get you to the market with MVP in 2-3 months, but it depends on many factors connected to your project needs and assumptions, e.g. what kind digital product you want to build. To prepare proper estimates, we need to know what features is your software supposed to include, how many developers would have to work on it, what other steps should be taken before starting the development process, what technologies we will use, etc. That’s why at the beginning, we invite you to an initial call with our consultants.

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