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Progressive web application (PWA): an answer to your business needs

You want to launch your app relatively quickly, but you’re a bit tight on budget? You want it to work on various platforms, but you’re worried that building native apps for iOS and Android (and a web app on top of it) will take too long and be too pricy?

A progressive web application (PWA) is your way to go. And here at Neoteric, we have all the skills and knowledge to help you build one.

Bring an exciting multi-platform experience to your users

Reach for the potential lying in a progressive web application (PWA) and give your users a product that has it all: works on various platforms, has a look and all the features of a native mobile app, and it’s fun and easy to use.

Cheaper & faster to build

To build a native app for both iOS and Android, you’d need two different teams of developers specializing in building products for each of those platforms. That takes time, people, and money. To build a progressive web application, all you need is one team of developers to build (faster, easier, and cheaper) one multi-platform app that can have all the native-like features.


One of the best things about PWA is that it can serve basically all kinds of purposes, which means it can be leveraged in almost every industry. Scrolling a bit down on this page, you’ll see a number of examples that are barely just a few of many possibilities. That’s also why PWA gains more and more popularity among well-known brands.

Convenient for users

PWAs require much less storage; however, they’re working offline equally well as native apps. They can be filled with all kinds of useful features but at the same time remain lightweight and don’t require downloading from any app store. They can be downloaded directly from your website, which shortens the users’ path to start using them.

Planning to build your very own PWA?

Tell us about your ideas!
Progressive web app in the App Store

There is a common misconception that progressive web apps don’t work on iOS or cannot be placed in the App Store. Good news now – it’s not true! To prove that, we developed our very own show-case PWA app that is already available in the App Store.

You can take a look it here

PWA examples: types of apps we can build for you

The biggest advantage of PWA is that it can be leveraged in nearly every industry – and it can have many various uses, e.g., for marketplaces, social media platforms, streaming platforms, transport services, dating apps, news platforms, etc.


Saying simply: almost every type of app that can be built as a native app can also be built as PWA.


It’s a widely popular solution used by many well-known brands such as:

The team kept us constantly updated and responded to our queries, pivots, and deadlines in a timely manner. We were impressed with their flexibility, adaptability, and technical acumen — we felt we didn't have to dumb our product requests down no matter how complex

CEO, Fitness Tech Company

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Building an app can be tricky and consume lots of time and resources.
But it doesn’t have to. By partnering with a reliable progressive web app development agency, you make sure that your project is implemented with the utmost care for every detail.

Get the native feel in your PWA app

Get the best of the progressive web app potential and build a multiplatform product that feels and looks like a mobile app. Embrace wide possibilities of feature implementation and save yourself time and money spent on the development.

Work with a team that has it all

PWA development requires experience, skills, and know-how that not everybody has. Luckily, we do! Use the advantage of working with trusted PWA developers and build a product that your users will love.

Be in full control of your project

Flawless communication, transparency, and understanding of your needs – being your tech partner, we give you all that and more. We help you embrace your product’s full potential, and teach you how to measure its success.

Take a look at the progressive web apps
that we developed

Building a bespoke PWA for one of the biggest yoga studios in Europe

We designed and developed a new platform from scratch. It had to be intuitive, customizable, lightweight, and accessible both on desktop and mobile devices. Using PWA instead of native apps made these goals possible to achieve. Building the app from scratch took us less than three months.

View the case study
Case study illustration: Yoga Portal
Boosting app intuitiveness and introducing cutting-edge design

Qoreboard provides an employee performance management system that helps managers coordinate their teams’ work and boost their performance. We helped Qoreboard introduce a cutting-edge design and create an innovative interface that makes their users’ work easier and more efficient.

View the case study
Case study illustration: Qoreboard

Technologies we use in progressive web app development services


Frequently asked questions about PWA solutions

How much does it cost to build a progressive web app?

The final cost of developing PWAs depends on many various factors – that’s why it’s not possible to put one certain price on it. Operating as a PWA development company for years, we are perfectly aware of that. This is also why we never provide you with estimates based just on reading your project’s requirements. To give you a good, reliable assessment, we need to go deeper and carefully analyze your project’s details (requirements regarding the app’s purpose and features, technologies we will use, etc.) to get all the necessary information first.

What technologies do you use to build a progressive web app (PWA)?

There are many web technologies that allow building a good PWA. In Neoteric, we use mainly Angular PWA, React PWA, and Capacitor, as those are the ones we have the biggest experience with and we already built many successful apps using them.

Who uses PWA?

PWAs are widely popular and leveraged by big, well-known companies worldwide, like Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify, Telegram, Starbucks, Tinder, and many others.

Will PWA replace native mobile apps?

Even though native apps still have their followers, many companies decide to switch to PWA because of its numerous benefits. PWAs come with more flexibility in terms of multiplatform functionality, accessibility for users (without forcing users to install anything on their devices), data consumption, costs and time of development, etc. There is a big chance that more and more companies (and we already observe this trend) will switch to PWA.

Which is better, a PWA or a native app?

It depends. From the user point of view, there are no significant differences between a PWA and a native app – both solutions can have a similar user interface, similar load time, and similar features (e.g., push notifications) and bring similar user experience. PWA, however, is faster to develop and easier to maintain which may be important from the business perspective.

In general, they PWAs and mobile apps mostly in terms of the installation process, access to device features, connection dependencies, and the way the updates are delivered. You can read all about it here: PWA vs. native app vs. hybrid app – which solution will work best for you.

How long does it take to develop a PWA app?

Again, it depends. For the simpliest PWAs, it can be as little as 2-3 months for the MVP. The more complex product we are discussing, the more features you want to include – the longer it will take to develop it.  To prepare proper estimates, we need to know what type of features your PWA is supposed to include, how many developers would have to work on it, what other steps should be taken before starting the development process (e.g. PWA design), etc. That’s why at the beginning, we invite you for a scoping session where we can learn the goal of the project, understand your business objectives and go through the requirements.

Do you provide PWA design services?

Yes! We take care of PWA design, PWA development, and PWA maintenance. From the first product sketches to its launch – we’ve got you covered.

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