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What’s your idea for educational innovation? Are you seeking to build software that will boost the learning experience in your organization? An app that will introduce users to easier and more fun ways of gaining knowledge? Or maybe a tool that will help educators effectively prepare compelling teaching materials?

With multiple years of experience developing projects for the education sector, we know how to build products that engage and inspire people to learn and, at the same time, optimize the work of educators.

Let us know what you have in mind! We’re here to help you change the world of education with our EdTech software development services!

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Create the best digital educational experience
for your users

Make it intuitive

Provide your users with a struggle-free learning experience. Whether you build an educational game, learning app, or tool for teachers, a rich feature set and flawless functionality are key to ensuring users’ loyalty to your product. After all, we all seek ways to make the teaching and learning process easier and more effective.

Inspire to learn

The secret of successful EdTech software lies in its motivational and entertaining function. People stick to those apps because they make learning accessible, fun, and exciting. Make sure your product provides all that and more, and enjoy the growing base of your app’s long-term users.

Inspire to teach

The growing demand for inspiring and engaging educational content puts a lot of pressure on educators. Give them a tool that will help them optimize their work and turn preparing materials for classes and lectures into an easy and enjoyable task. Help them remember why they love teaching!

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What kind of EdTech application can we build for you?
Educational games
Online learning platforms
Assessment management platforms
Quiz platforms
Visual content editors
Educative content streaming
Support tools for teachers
Feedback collection platforms
Software for interactive toys (IoT)
Software for class equipment (IoT)
Interactive lessons (AR/VR)
We’ve also had smaller engagements with Neoteric, where they’ve brought in external expertise. The team has also run a few workshops for us, teaching us about integrations within our teams while offering architectural guidance. In other words, Neoteric serves as our long-term contractor with consultants coming in for specialized engagements.

Torbjörn Gyllebring, CTO, Edtech Company

Take a look at the EdTech projects we worked on

Case study illustration: World Bank
World Bank

Boosting career chances for employees with a recommendation system


To help the World Bank provide their employees with broader career development opportunities, we’ve built an AI-powered corporate training platform that allows them to widen their knowledge and skills with personalized courses.

I haven’t worked with another firm that matches their professionalism and quality of output. They’re amenable to their clients and produce very high-quality work. I recommend them to everyone. If I had the opportunity to work exclusively with them, I would.

Team Leader, International Development Organization

Case study illustration: Yoga Portal
Yoga Portal

Building a bespoke learning platform for one of the top-notch online yoga studio


We’ve built a custom platform (web & mobile apps) that allowed the client to overcome the off-the-shelf limitations, meet the growing expectations of their users and scale the business – from ideation, through design to development and product launch.

We hired Neoteric to build our own platform that would meet our and our clients' expectations. During the cooperation, we trusted what vendor recommended. The team is very friendly, and they always try to find the best solution for us.

Marzena Jaworska, CEO, PortalYogi

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Node.js + Nest.js


React / Angular


PWA / React Native

Frequently asked questions about EdTech development services

How long does it take to develop a custom edtech software?

Usually, we aim to get you to the market with MVP in 2-3 months, but it depends on many factors connected to your project needs and assumptions, e.g. what kind of app, web or mobile, you want to build. To prepare proper estimates, we need to know what features do you want your software to include, how many developers would have to work on it, what other steps should be taken before starting the development process, what technologies we will use, etc. That’s why at the beginning, we invite you to an initial call with our consultant so we could understand your business needs and objectives and plan the project accordingly.

How much does education technology software development cost?

It can cost as little as $50K for an MVP or even $500K for a complex product utilizing generative AI or machine learning technologies. Same as in the case of time estimations, we need to consider several important factors to assess the cost of developing your educational app. Tell us about your project idea, and let’s discuss the further details, so we can collect all the necessary information (your requirements regarding the app’s type – web/mobile, features, technologies, etc.) and give you proper estimates.


Have you worked with any educational institutions?

As an EdTech app development company, we have developed several digital products for the educational industry: online educational training platforms, a scheduling tool for academic teachers, a language learning app, AI-powered course recommendations, and more. These platforms and applications are used by educational institutions worldwide, including top universities and research institutions.

What AI or machine learning technologies do you recommend to use in custom EdTech software?

Technologies, not only artificial intelligence, are meant to support your business in the most effective way. Bad news: There is no fixed template for that. Good news: As a bespoke software development company, we have experience in choosing the tech stack that is perfect for your custom EdTech application development. We’ll be happy to present you with some potential use cases of generative AI and machine learning implementations in the educational industry and help you choose the most profitable one. After the workshop session, we will present you with a report that contains detailed technical recommendations, features overview, and cost estimates.

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