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Bespoke software development services provide you with full control over your product. They are perfect for those who aim at engaging customers with high-end solutions. Let’s have a look at the main advantages of bespoke software!

Unique solution

Bespoke software is built from scratch, especially for you. It comprises functionalities you wish, adjusted both to your vision and clients’ needs. We can sincerely say it’s not a matter of faith whether your product is unique. It is just a fact.

Effectiveness & ROI

With bespoke software, you pay for only those features you need, thus boosting effectiveness and return on investment over the mid and long-term. Moreover, as you are the owner of your bespoke software, it increases your business’ value – because it’s your company’s intellectual property.

Instant support

With a bespoke software solution, maintenance comes along faster and more efficiently as you don’t have to rely on the provider’s technical support, which receives tons of inquiries daily. Instead, you can conveniently fix technical issues whenever they appear with the helpful hand of your development team.

Scalability & integration

If you have an idea to make changes or introduce new add-ons to your solution, you do not need to ask any provider to do so. Moreover, all the features that need integration can be implemented during the process of custom software development.

Competitive advantage

Choosing bespoke software allows you to gain and apply strategic insights into product development. After analyzing the functionalities offered by competitors, you can focus on searching for areas that pose to be your competitive advantage. And then implement the key features to your product swiftly and with greater effectiveness.


Bespoke software is your property. Problems connected with, for example, withdrawal of a service by a provider, do not regard you. You’re free to make adjustments and decide on further service/product expansion. With bespoke software development, you come through all formalities quickly, smoothly, and seamlessly. Your independence is your convenience.

Have a look at the bespoke software services we delivered

10 weeks to build a course recommendation system 

Our software helps illiterate future employees in finding the most suitable job for them.

View the Case Study
Case study illustration: recommendation system 
Successfully bringing intuitiveness into an app for boosting employee performance

We handled infusing groundbreaking design and creating interface the users love to Qoreboard, an Employee Performance Management system.

View the Case Study
qoreboard case study screenshot
Building a bespoke platform for one of the biggest online yoga studios in Europe

Our cooperation resulted in developing MVP scope during our Discovery Workshops, sending mockup tests, and devising a long-term bespoke product strategy.

View the Case Study
View the Case Study - PortalYogi
Developing an online platform that handles hundreds of 4-players chess games

Quaternity is an entirely new solution on the market. It brings more intensive chess experience with its 4-players and 12×12 board gameplay.

View the Case Study
Case study illustration: Quaternity

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The perks of developing your bespoke software with us

As you will be involved in the development process, you need a tech partnership carried out with a supportive bespoke software agency you trust. At Neoteric, our mission is to help companies innovate with software and accelerate their growth by building products that customers love to use.

Get strategy insights to beat competitors

Cooperate with professionals who listen to your needs and are eager to discuss, brainstorm, and validate ideas. At Neoteric, we are focused on finding competitive advantages and making your product not only exist, but also succeed.

Keep communication flawless and transparent

Work with a team that values honesty and reciprocal understanding. Find reliable partners who appreciate sharing their thoughts and feedback in a positive and open-minded manner.

Take up real-time data-driven decisions

We’ll be happy to help you set up metrics that pose value to your business. You won’t be left alone with a finished product but can stay in touch to monitor the progress and trace the product’s performance.

Neoteric created a robust model with an incredibly high accuracy rate and a low error rate. The entire team continues to be supportive, providing excellent customer service and going the extra mile to deliver great results. They are a communicative, accommodating, and knowledgeable partner.
Femi Odewale, CEO at Business Intelligence Group
Femi Odewale, CEO at Business Intelligence Group

Source: Clutch.co

Our areas of expertise

Web-dev technologies:


Rappid / React




Node.js + Nest.js


PWA / React Native

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive analytics / predictive algorithms
Recommender system

Product Design

Design Thinking
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Frequently asked questions
regarding bespoke software development services

What are the benefits of bespoke software development?

If well-thought, bespoke software development displays a broad spectrum of advantages such as uniqueness, effectiveness, scalability, rentability, easy maintenance, higher security standards, independence. Bespoke software development provides you with full control over your product. It requires a higher initial investment but results in increased ROI in the mid and long term. If you make use of the control and independence, you are about to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors as you will be able to offer customized solutions to the group you target.

How do you analyze the client’s needs to deliver bespoke software services?

We won’t send you any estimate or problem solving just after reading the specification of requirements. Such actions demand much more focus, consideration and are inadequate for bespoke solutions. If you have interest in this area, take a look at the article to get know why are most estimates useless when choosing a software agency and how to go about it.

To analyze the client’s needs, we devised three types of workshops adjusted to the phase of your product (whether it already exists and you wish to develop it, or you have just an idea that needs to be crystalized into a consistent vision). During those workshops we will have discussions (also with our developers), we will brainstorm the ideas and test assumptions to ensure that we understand your and your client’s demands.

How is the tech stack chosen by a bespoke software company?

A bespoke software company chooses the tech stack according to the idea that revolves around a specific product. If you need a fast, scalable bespoke business system, we would probably recommend Node.JS to you. Although if you would prefer to focus on the magnificent frontend that would bring you to your knees, other languages will be widely discussed. Same case pertains to bespoke mobile app development. So: it depends. The technique will be adjusted to the product’s requirements.

How much do bespoke software development services cost?

The price range for bespoke software development services is rather wide. A simple MVP, without any advanced features or fancy design, can cost as little as $50K. A complex digital product utilizing AI and adjusted to different web and mobile platforms will be much more expensive – the cost of such advanced apps can easily reach $1M. To assess the cost of developing a specific product, it is necessary to consider several factors. If you’d like to know how much your product may cost, please get in touch with our consultants: Let’s talk!

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