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Web app development

When you build web applications or any other software products, it’s easy to fall into a trap.

You can find thousands of articles comparing Java with Node.js and Node.js with Ruby on Rails.

You can find hundreds of ebooks about different frameworks, libraries… and about a gazillion use cases for each of them!

But the truth is, it doesn’t really matter what technology you choose.

web application development - web technologies, frameworks, servers, open source solutions and other best practices for web applications
Building software products is no longer about technology. It’s about:
web application development - understanding your customers - web page icon
Understanding your customers
web app development - achieving business goals with web applications icon
Achieving your business goals
web app development - the impact of web applications and mobile applications icon
The change you want to make with product


Instead of selling you man-hours of coding and just crossing tasks out of the list, we put a team around you that takes responsibility and manages the entire web application development process.

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Get a product that meets your expectations

We will challenge your assumptions, brainstorm ideas, and test your product with users to build features they really need – all that to make you succeed with this product.

access to top developers icon business partnership
Work with people you
can trust

… and who will share your vision. Communicate with the developers working on your app anytime you need and feel as if they were sitting next door – even when located in a different time zone.

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Measure product

We will help you set metrics and success criteria, and monitor them from the first tests. You decide what you want to achieve with your web app, we take care of the rest.

Companies that benefited from tech partnership model:
The World Bank logo - web application development, AI development
boeing logo web app development
nestle logo web app development
liveramp logo web application development
quoreboard logo - web apps development
threeleaf logo web app development

Energy consumption monitoring solution bringing ROI in less than a year

Joining the Client’s team as a remote team extension to develop a web application that visualizes the buildings’ energy consumption at a detailed level, creating value for people, planet, and businesses.

View the Case Study
egain web application - desktop software case study

Search engine handling 400 searches per second

Building a web application with a high-performance real-time search engine for rail links for one of the biggest railway operators in Poland.

View the Case Study
ticket portal web application mobile application, user interface and user experience design - case study

Boosting app intuitiveness and introducing the cutting-edge design

From identifying ways users wanted to interact with the application, through defining areas for improvement, to designing and implementing new dashboards to help companies boost their employee performance.

View the Case Study
qoreboard web application - user interface and user experience design and development - case study

As a tech partner, we essentially become
an extension of your product team.

Let’s talk about your project
Excellent code quality and work ethics. We achieved more than we were hoping to thanks to the technical skills and proactive attitude of the developer who explored and implemented solutions which are a much better fit to our needs than what was presented to him as an explicit requirement from us.
CEO, Thymia

Neoteric has an excellent ability to adapt and evolve. They’re incredibly good at solving problems. They’ve been able to tackle a lot of different types of challenges that we’ve thrown at them, and they do it well and they do it efficiently. Whether it’s a new type of integration, an infrastructure issue, or the strategic balance of resources, they take new challenges and execute on them very well. They’ve met and exceeded our expectations.
Head of Digital, Athletic Training Platform

They’re honest and very responsive to change. They always have great ideas on how to solve problems. I was very impressed with the experience they have, the quality work they deliver, and the high standards that they have. They have very good processes in place. (…) They’re often more on top of things than we are. They’re very clear with the scope of the project and what they’re able and not able to do.
Agnes Jawinska, Director of Internal Development & BI, 4Com Technologies Ltd

They’ve been excellent, clear communicators. We meet either once or twice a week, and they have a clear way of structuring their work. When they go through the onboarding, it’s very well explained. They also do frequent assessments to manage or pivot the project as needed. Their team is always making sure the project is running the best way it can. If there’s something wrong, they’re trying to pivot and improve.
Team Leader, International Development Organization


Web app development
step by step

The aim is to bring value to you and your customers as soon as possible. And we are able to do this thanks to having a proven and repeatable process of delivering high-quality software products.

Instead of spending hours on designing the workflow all over again, working out the cooperation plans, and deciding on choosing the communication channels, we focus directly on your goals and business needs. From there, we can head straight to the development – without risking numerous reworks or solving quality issues.

Web app development

After you answer a few simple questions and submit your inquiry on the Estimate page, our Business Development Manager will reach out to you and schedule the first call. During this first meeting, you will get an independent view over your project along with the answers to all your questions regarding our developers and the possible cooperation, and plan the next steps: a technical call and/or the scoping workshop.

Scoping workshop

Once we understand your goals and needs, we will invite you for a workshop with the developers and delivery managers. The agenda and session length are always adjusted to your needs, so you could make most of it. After this workshop, you will get recommendations of technologies, project timelines, estimates, and a report that will help you plan your web app development, prepare for the risks that may arise, and make your product succeed.


Time to kick-off your project! Whether you’re just beginning a prototype or an MVP, or developing an existing product, we will help you do it as efficiently as possible. We use Scrum and we mean it.

After each sprint, you will get working elements that you can test with your end users right away. You will have direct access to your web app developers and be involved in your app’s development – all that to help you stay up to date with the progress.

Product Launch

We build products we believe in, so your sustainable success is our key focus. It is our priority to bring your web application to the market on time and within budget.

Don’t worry, we’ll not leave you with an application without any guidance! If you need any assistance with migrating from your old platform, further app development, or its maintenance, we are here to help so we can continue our cooperation.

Answer a few simple questions
and get started.

Fill out the questionnaire

What else
can you expect?

The proven, repeatable process saves time and facilitates cooperation but sometimes it’s not enough to build a successful app. Why? Because every product is different.

As a tech partner, we become an extension of your internal team and as such, we want to use our experience to help you:

Save time on managing
the project

Busy? Our Product Owner Proxy will save your time by helping you manage the backlog, set priorities or define acceptance criteria – and by being your representative to the developers, available whenever they need it. Additionally, there will be a Scrum master who will support the developers and facilitate their work. It’s simple: we help you build your app, so you can put more focus on growing your business.

Our PO Proxy is both an advocate for business needs, as well as for the team and their capabilities. It’s been incredibly helpful. The people who do the development work can keep as focused as possible on what they need to do, while I can keep informed and be flexible with the day-to-day needs of the business.

Head of Digital, Athletic Training Platform (source:

Keep track of the progress

A transparent process, a clear project roadmap, and regular updates will help you plan the next steps and align the application development with your business.

During the development, you will get live access to all the project files, including staging and production environment, project management dashboards, monthly prognosis, and burndown charts to see how quickly the developers are burning through the user stories.

[Scrum master] does a great job of staying in touch with us, providing daily and weekly reports. They met all the expected deadlines. We don’t intend on working with anyone else in the future.

Patrick Kemp, ThreeLeaf

Rely on our technical expertise

You know what you want to achieve, we know how to do it. Our web app developers will provide you with recommendations of the technologies that will best contribute to your product’s success – depending on your requirements, budget, and project timeline.

Our technologies
Nest JS
Node JS
Thanks to the efforts, skills, and proactive approach of the Neoteric team, the company was able to achieve more than it was expecting. The solutions that the team provided during the project were a much better fit for the company's needs than the requirements that the company initially asked for.

CEO, Thymia

Keep communication clear

On average, people say 16,000 words every day. We want to keep these words clear and meaningful.

At the beginning of the project, you will get a cooperation manual that defines the way we will work together: from daily standups, meetings, calls, to communication tools used – all this to create a frictionless, transparent communication between us.

Download the Cooperation Manual

Prevent project delays

With a team of over 100 people, we are ready to scale up the development team assigned to your project when needed. Or limit their involvement when you test your web application with end-users.

Velocity—the speed at which they can complete high-quality work—is an important factor for us. They’re on par with the internal teams we’ve had for the last decade, working at the same rate and delivering the same quality.

Software Development Manager, Software Solutions Company

Get complimentary services you need

Web app development is a complex operation which may include the involvement of numerous roles: backend developers, frontend developers, UX designers, QA (quality assurance) engineers, testers, ideally supported by scrum masters and account managers. The team we build for you can consist of specialists of all these fields or only some of them – according to your needs.

Neoteric has managed to fulfill our engineering needs across a lot of different disciplines. They’ve launched exceptional experiences that are high-profile consumer-facing digital products. They’ve met and exceeded our expectations.

Head of Digital, Athletic Training Platform

Generate savings over the whole process

We won’t offer you the cheapest daily rates on the market. Instead, we will help you avoid reworks, adjust the team size and composition to your current needs, and generate savings over the whole development.

It was important to find someone who could move at our speed without acting like a rabbit in the headlights. It’s obvious when we find someone with this quality, and we identified it quickly in their team.”

Software Development Manager, Software Solutions Company

Let’s brainstorm
together first!

Starting a project is a high commitment and choosing the wrong tech partner may cost you months of reworks and budget overrun.

No matter if you choose us or not, we would like to invite you for a half-day scoping workshop before assembling your web development team.

You will get an independent view over your project, recommendation of technologies, project timeline, and cost estimates. Equipped with the scoping report, you will know how to plan the development of your web application. You will be prepared for any risks that may arise and 100% sure of what skills you need to avoid them.

Looking for services complimentary to web application development?

Check out other areas that we can help you with. No matter if you represent a small startup or some tech giants, regardless of what your challenge is, we are here to help you.

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