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Web app development is a complex process that goes far beyond writing the code. No matter if you are searching for Node.js development, Angular development, Java development, or any other web development services, you will get whatever you need for your product to succeed:

Shorter time to market

Working on the development of dozens of software products (check case studies!), we worked out the best practices and solutions which help us bring web applications to life 2-3 times faster than we are expected. What are they?

  • A scoping workshop run at the beginning of the project. Thanks to that, you make sure that we are on the same page with your business idea – we understand your vision, your goals, your requirements, the pains and gains of your customers. After that, we are ready to create an application development roadmap and set the milestones.
  • Including end-users in the process of web app development. Every sprint ends with a new part of your product working and ready to test by you or even by the first end-users.
  • The response speed. We don’t waste time delivering useless features and we are able to launch web apps faster. Instead, we act on feedback early, providing better product/market fit, change the scope as it’s needed and prioritize features accordingly.
By our estimate, the app will help build AI models at 40%–50% faster once it is fully implemented. That will loosely translate into several man-hours of coding saved.

Krishna Kumar / App Orchid Inc

Save time & money

If you want to save money on developing your product but keep its high quality, you need to find savings in other places than the hourly rate. Here are 3 things that can save you more than a few bucks less per hours:

  • You only want to spend your money and time on things that your users really need. We will help you involve users in the web app development process so you know what to focus on in your MVP.
  • You don’t want a world-class chef to skin the carrot, do you? We build the teams up of senior, mid and junior app developers, making sure that they are the best ones to take care of your application and that you don’t overpay for the skills you may not need.
  • When you test your product with end users we can limit the team involvement in the project to decrease your costs.
We decided to go with them, because they understood our needs at the initial conception stages and even suggested ways to streamline the engine and boost the efficiency of its performance.
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Mervyn Lau / Bellion Clofe

Great user experience

Users come and go. At some point, they don’t need your web application anymore. How to minimize the risk of churn and maximize the retention?

There is one thing that the users of great software products have in common: they are given a great experience. To give such experience, you need to focus on various elements: from a simple onboarding and nice design to high performance and the overall code quality. The product needs to work fast, be bug-free, and easy to use. Does your web app meet these conditions?

They provide us with a level of innovation that most outsourcing environments don’t. They thrive in environments that require them to make more holistic designs, or even in proposing new user interactions that we didn’t specify.

Henry Katz / RapidSOS

Stress-free development process

No matter how good the product is, web app development process itself can be painful and exhausting. Have you ever experienced that? In Neoteric, we focus to make this process smooth and stress-free. To assure that:

  • At the beginning of every project, you get a communication plan. It’s a short document that shows you how we work, how we communicate during the project, and how to manage the project – all that to make sure that you have the maximum control of what’s going on.
  • You stay in control during the whole process of web app development. We pay attention to good project management, running regular Scrum meetings, following the product backlog, and keeping you updated about any difficulties.
  • New features are deployed every sprint so you can test them and share your feedback as soon as possible. When planning the next sprint, we will set the priorities accordingly, making sure that the product meets your expectations.
They can step in early in the app development lifecycle, take rough requirements from myself and other product managers, and add value to them right away. They can design the product themselves, come up with a solution that fits, and then handle the engineering, QA, and release.

Liam Lynch / Blue Tree Systems

Reducing customer churn by more than 20%

After full rollout of the AI-based system, our client ended up with more than 10x return on their investment.

View the Case Study

10 weeks to build a course recommender system

An AI-based platform recommends the right courses to support employees’ development at one of the world’s biggest financial institutions.

View the Case Study

Boosting intuitiveness with a brand new UI/UX design

From discovering end-users’ needs, through building wireframes and implementing the new design, to increasing app’s usability and intuitiveness.

View the Case Study

11 weeks to build a successful MVP

Changing the way online meetings are booked by designing and developing an app used by US Ivy League professors.

View the Case Study

Key factors of successful web development

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Top Web
Development Team

No matter if you’re searching for Node.js development, Angular development, diagramming solutions or any other web app development services – we will build up the team adjusted to your needs. In an unlikely event that you’re not happy with any developer on the team, we will provide a viable substitution.

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Start right

Every day spent on the recruitment and onboarding holds a threat mistiming. The longer it gets, the more money you spend and the longer you wait until you can show your product to the public. In that case, time is literally the money! And that’s why we start the app development right after the kick-off, without wasting any second.

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Lean & Agile

Your business requirements will change. The sooner you are able to show your product to the customers, the sooner you will learn that some of your early assumptions are wrong. In that case, it’s important to react as soon as possible – changing the project scope and schedule during development to fit the lean changes in the business.

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In web app development projects, there is no time for the Chinese whispers or going all round the houses. You get the direct access to the whole team and we run weekly demos & retrospectives, and daily stands to assure smooth and direct communication.

Keep intellectual

The business know-how that you have is the biggest asset of your product. When working with Neoteric, you keep the whole intellectual property on your side – you own the source code repository and all the project documentation, including the epics, user stories, and test cases.

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No sweeping issues under the carpet, no secrets, no going all round the houses. If any problem arises, you know about it instantly. You get regular time reports (updated weekly), burndown charts, access to our project management board and to instant messenger, so we can stay in touch during the whole process of web application development.

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The quality of any software product can be assured it in 3 ways: with manual testing and, with running automated tests, with the help of the QA team. In Neoteric, we use all of them to make sure that the web apps you get are of the highest quality.

Transparent at every stage

From the first call to a product launch. Know what you get ahead of time! A transparent process, a clear project roadmap and regular updates will help you plan the next steps and align the software development process with your business.

Outsource approach

We get you to the market 2-3 times faster than you expect

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