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Key Challenges of Generative AI Adoption in 2024

Sign up for the upcoming webinar with Matt Lewis, Global Chief Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Officer at Inizio Medical! This time, we’ll discuss what companies looking to implement generative AI in 2024 should prepare for. We’ll go through the challenges specific to the health & pharma sector but also those common among other industries. Last but not least, we will take a closer look at where we stand in terms of addressing the known challenges and analyze the perspectives for 2024!

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Using Fine-Tuned Generative AI Models in an Enterprise Environment

Learn when it’s worth using a fine-tuned model, what it takes to specialize a base model for various applications & how to ensure compliance, security, and privacy in a corporate environment.

Generative AI – from idea to practice

See how to identify and evaluate the right use cases for using AI, assess your readiness for the implementation, and plan such a project.

How to find teams for remote development?

with Carolyn Rider (Clutch) & Karina Człapińska

Learn how to find the best team for your next AI project. See how to source reviews & referrals online, and how to develop your digital product efficiently when working remotely.

Digital transformation with AI

with Jay Natarajan (Microsoft)

AI Lead in Microsoft shares expertise in introducing AI into a company’s innovation strategy. Watch and learn how to introduce AI to your company to boost profitability and optimize processes.

Increase profit of e-commerce with AI

with Greg Gwoźdź (SaaS Manager)

Learn what datasets can be used to predict customer behaviors, how to extract more information from data you already have, and how to provide your customers with excellent product recommendations.

How to build successful AI products

with Rudradeb Mitra (Google)

47% of organizations have already implemented AI in min. one function in their business processes, according to McKinsey. Watch the webinar with Rud Mitra & learn how to succeed with implementing AI.

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