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In this episode of AI Talks, we were meeting Buyun Zhao – an expert in AI, board member to 5 AI startups, portfolio manager, Cambridge graduate. We talked about who can benefit from AI, how AI can help you outperform your competition, and what important metrics you should track. Watch and learn how to use AI to grow your business by solving critical business problems and getting a competitive advantage.

About the speaker

Buyun Zhao
General Manager of Culture Trip

An expert in AI, board member to 5 AI startups, portfolio manager, Cambridge graduate, who has vast experience in AI and media analytics and was trained in management consultancy by partners at McKinsey and Bain. Prior to his career in business and management, he was a neuroscientist at the world-renowned Laboratory of Molecular Biology (which averages one Nobel laureate every two years out of a cohort of 200 scientists).

Buyun Zhao

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