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Build a groundbreaking app that will boost your business and bring your users the best online fitness experience. Whether it’s a web app, mobile app, or PWA, we will help you make it happen.

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Fitness app development solutions
by Neoteric

Building software for years, we know how to create products tailored to your (and your clients’) needs.

Specializing in the fitness industry, we perfectly understand your and your fitness audience’s needs.

Want to build a mobile or web app that will bring you more flexibility than the one you used till now? A product that will perfectly match the standard of the service that you offer? Or maybe a solution that will move your offline fitness experience to the online space?

Tell us about your challenge. We’re Neoteric – your reliable health and fitness app development company, and we’re here to help you shake the fitness world.

Amaze your clients with the best fitness app experience

When you run your fitness business online, the key to keeping your clients’ engagement lies in surprising them with the unique experience they can find in your app. So… what should you give them?

User Experience

Smooth registration and log-in process, handy personalization options, easy access to all the features, useful knowledge & instant support, a guarantee of data and payment security.


To make using your app simple, safe and fun.

Smart Features

Helping users build their training routine, adjust training plan to their needs and habits, monitor their physical activity, find location-based options and product recommendations, and more.


So your app becomes the training partner of choice.

Social Features

Allowing users to become a part of the community, exchange experiences, compare their performance with other users’ results, compete and find motivation.


To build engagement and make your users feel like they’re part of something special.

What types of fitness apps can we build for you?
Workout apps
Diet and nutrition app
Social media fitness app
Gym instruction app
Gym management software
Yoga app
Personal trainers app
Activity tracking apps
Exercise analytics app (AI)
Logbook Apps
AI-powered fitness app development solutions

Want to spice your fitness app up with artificial intelligence? Many of the above solutions can utilize AI to support users even better, providing them with a truly personalized user experience, and helping you gain a competitive advantage on the fitness app market. To do that, however, you need data. You don’t have it yet? Don’t worry! We will make your app AI-ready, so you can easily extend it in the future.

Neoteric is clearly a very well-oiled machine. They're very experienced in completing outsourced projects. What impressed us the most, was their ability to be flexible and estimate scope of work quickly.

Head of Engineering, Athlete SaaS Platform

What to expect from developing fitness apps with Neoteric?

Instead of just “providing you fitness app development services,” we become your reliable team, a true tech partner, and we approach your project like it is our own. Working with Neoteric means gaining a strong development skill set and the support of proactive people who feel accountable for your project’s success.

Get a fitness app that exceeds your users’ expectations

To build a great product, you need more than just beautiful visions and assumptions. We will test your ideas with the target audience to make sure your app consists of features that really fulfill their expectations.

Work with a reliable team that has your back

Get the support of the fitness dev team that takes responsibility and manages your project with full engagement and passion. Take advantage of real transparency and flawless communication no matter where you’re located.

Keep track of your product’s performance

You don’t have to be an expert in this area. We will help you understand what metrics you should follow to measure your product’s success. You tell us what your app is meant to achieve, we make sure it happens.

Take a look at the fitness applications we developed

Boutique fitness app

Moving a boutique fitness studio online to boost customer experience and reach over 20,000 new users


We’ve built a web and mobile app for one of the most successful American fitness studios. Goals: simplify booking classes, provide a convenient payment system and allow users to keep their exercising routine when they can’t come to the studio.

Neoteric has an excellent ability to adapt and evolve. They’re incredibly good at solving problems. They’ve been able to tackle a lot of different types of challenges that we’ve thrown at them, and they do it well and efficiently. Whether it’s a new type of integration, an infrastructure issue, or the strategic balance of resources, they take new challenges and execute on them very well.

Head of Digital, Athletic Training Platform

Yoga Portal

Building a bespoke platform for one of the biggest online yoga studio in Europe


We’ve built a custom platform (web & mobile) that allowed the client to overcome the off-the-shelf limitations, meet the growing expectations of their users and scale the business – from ideation, through design to development and product launch.

We hired Neoteric to build our own platform that would meet our and our clients' expectations. During the cooperation, we trusted what vendor recommended. The team is very friendly, and they always try to find the best solution for us.
Marzena Jaworska, CEO, PortalYogi

Marzena Jaworska, CEO, PortalYogi

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Web or mobile?

We understand that there are various purposes for building a fitness application and preferences among online fitness enthusiasts. Based on those, you may need to create a web or mobile app, or maybe even both. But worry not! We’re here to build whatever type of app you and your users need. Whether web or mobile app, the goal is to help you fulfill your business’s goals and ensure its success—and we have your back!

Technologies we use in our projects

Web-dev technologies:




Node.js + Nest.js


React / Angular


PWA / React Native

AI technologies:

Predictive analytics / predictive algorithms
Recommender systems

Start building a fitness app from strategic workshops

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Frequently asked questions regarding fitness software development solutions

How long does it take to develop a fitness app?

Usually, we aim to get you to the market with MVP in 2-3 months, but it depends on many factors connected to your project needs and assumptions, e.g. what kind of app, web or mobile, you want to build. To prepare proper estimates, we need to know what type of functionalities your fitness app is supposed to include, how many developers would have to work on it, what other steps should be taken before starting the development process, what technologies we will use, etc. That’s why at the beginning, we invite you to schedule an initial call with one of our consultants.

How much does it cost to develop a fitness app with Neoteric?

It can cost as little as $50K for an MVP or even $500K for a complex product. Same as in the case of time estimations, we need to consider several important factors to assess the cost of developing your fitness app. Tell us about your project idea, and let’s discuss the further details, so we can collect all the necessary information (your requirements regarding the app’s type – web/mobile, features, technologies, etc.) and give you proper estimates.


Find more about costs here: The cost of building custom fitness applications

What if the users won’t like my new fitness app?

To avoid that, before we start the development process, we run a workshop that helps us validate your fitness app idea and its assumptions. Then we prepare clickable mockups, so you can run user interviews and get their insights about each feature you plan to implement. Next, we design an MVP version of your product so that you can test all the features with your end-users.

Do I need to go through one of the workshops?

A workshop is a crucial step in the development process. It allows us to prepare a solid plan considering all the essential elements of your project and provide you with better estimates. Thanks to that, you can plan the budget and align the project timelines with your business goals.

How can I monetize my fitness app?

There are pleeenty of ways you can make money from your fitness application. You can consider freemium upsell, crowdfunding, paid subscription plans, paid premium content, advertisement, sponsorships, selling fitness equipment or other related products (in-app purchase), transaction fees, etc. We’d say sky (your creativity) is the limit here.


Also, if your product is a fitness mobile app, it’s worth making sure it’ll be listed high on the search results in the App Store and Google Play Store – as this translates into more downloads = more chances to sell.

What are the must-have features of a fitness app?

It all depends on your business goals, the needs of your target audience, and even your app’s type, as some features may differ depending on whether you build a web or mobile application. This is why we follow these three steps: we pay a lot of attention to the initial analysis that helps us assess your users’ expectations, then we ensure that chosen features are well developed, and in the end – test all the functionalities with your audience to confirm that our assumptions were correct, and all the components were constructed properly. 


But no matter what features you decide to implement in your app, there are a few important conditions the whole should meet: be intuitive, customizable, and fun to use, ensure security & flexibility, and build engagement.

If I take part in a workshop, am I obliged to develop my fitness app with Neoteric?

Once we hear about your idea and help you design a concept for its realization, we’ll surely love to move forward and be the ones who will bring your product to life. But no, you’re not obliged to use our fitness application development services after participating in a workshop.

What if I run out of budget before my fitness app is ready?

As a reliable fitness app development agency, we do our best to provide you with the most accurate estimates at the beginning of our cooperation. Also, we always keep you up to date with the progress of your fitness application development, so you have a clear view of your budget spending and can react accordingly.


But what’s even more important, thanks to the fact that we work in agile, after each sprint we provide you with actual working elements. We develop features one by one, polishing each of them before starting with the next one. So if you happen to run out of budget before your app is complete, you won’t end up with several unfinished elements. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll still have a working app, just with fewer features of the lowest priority.

How will the app be maintained?

We provide various maintenance options that you can choose depending on your needs:

  • Detailed documentation about your fitness application, all the dashboards with logs and alerts, as well as e-mail notifications about potential issues for your team – so they have everything they need to maintain the app themselves.  
  • Connecting your app to special tools analyzing your app’s infrastructure and users’ behaviors that we can either react to or provide you with instructions to follow. 
  • Monthly feeds including reports about bugs and issues and their location, so your team can easily track and fix them.
  • Ongoing support for your application (for example, agreed numbers of hours a month or ongoing response to the tickets) which covers reacting to potential issues and fixing bugs. 
  • Full-time support of one of our developers and part-time Quality Assurance Engineer so they can continue developing your app – at a slower pace and with lower budget spending, but ensuring that your app keeps growing.
I already have a software team. Can I still use your help?

Of course! First of all, we can be an extension of your internal team, complementing it with lacking skills and expertise. Our support will also be a great option if your company is growing fast and you want to speed up your development but don’t have time to recruit fitness app developers on your own – in such a case, we’ll quickly gather a reliable team for you. Also, if your business’ needs for certain skills are not constant, we can be your reliable tech partner providing you with ongoing support in needed areas, so you don’t have to hire people you may not need anymore in a few months or so.

Do I need a CTO or hire developers internally to work with a fitness mobile app development company?

You don’t need to. If you have someone on board, that’s also fine, but the main idea of our tech partnership is that we enter into your project as your CTO, and we’re able to provide you with broad technical and business support, as well as help you to plan your project’s architecture, etc. On the other hand, if you have CTO or internal developers, we will cooperate with them.

Why do I need a bespoke app? What’s the difference between a custom app vs. of-the-shelf?

If you’re taking your first steps in the online fitness business, you want to validate your idea and figure out what value do you want to provide to your users, but in general, you’re not sure yet if that’s the right direction for you – reaching for off-the-shelf solutions may be a good idea. But if you already have that knowledge, you know that running an online fitness business is your way to go; you have your brand, loyal customers, etc., then a bespoke fitness app will be a much better (actually, the best) solution. It will perfectly reflect the standard of your services, respond to your users’ needs and expectations, and it will be much more flexible – making your business more scalable and easier to grow.


Read more: Custom fitness app development or off-the-shelf solution

What kind of fitness app development services do you provide?

We are ready to support you from the very beginning of your software development journey till the launch of your product and further. The variety of our services include:

  • fitness app design services,
  • fitness application development,
  • fitness website development,
  • AI implementation,
  • fitness app maintenance.

Learn about other services offered by Neoteric

Bespoke software development

Get access to top web developers, kickstart your project, and grow your product efficiently.

AI development services

Unlock the hidden potential of data to drive tangible business results – and do it faster than you’d expect.

Digital product design

Gain a competitive advantage and a loyal user base. Design digital products that support your business goals.

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