Ticket Portal

A search engine for rail links with transfers for one of the biggest railway operators in Poland. It’s a high-performance real-time system which can handle up to 400 concurrent searches per second.

Search engine for rail links

When building this ticket portal, we aimed to create a convenient and intuitive search system that would help people buy tickets online. From the very beginning, we knew that it should be a complex web application that would consist of 5 key elements:

  • Search panel
  • Registration panel
  • Payments panel
  • User’s account
  • Admin’s account

The goal was to create the whole process as fast and as simple as possible – purchasing a ticket couldn’t take more than a few minutes and should be accessible both on desktop and mobile devices.

  1. Building an app that would be intuitive, fast, and efficient.
  2. Providing end-users with different search options: for single tickets and for period tickets, with different sets of discounts and promotions.
  3. Making the registration process as simple as possible. Simply put, the registration process needed to be faster and easier than going to the box office.
  4. Implementing multiple payment options.
  5. Providing users with an account management section – both for the end-customers and the Client.
  1. At the beginning of the project, we analyzed business requirements, the goals of the project, and, with the Client, we planned the whole project roadmap with milestones to achieve on the way.
  2. We decided to divide different modules into microservices. With microservices, we were sure that the app will be efficient and scalable.
  3. We’ve been working with a UI/UX designer in order to make the app intuitive and user-friendly.
  4. We decided to implement different forms of authentication – apart from the traditional registration with email, the users can use their Gmail or Facebook account.
  5. When building the payment module, we added expanded payment options including PayU, Visa Checkout, Przelewy24, and BLIK – all to make it as convenient for the end-users as possible.
  1. The database of registered users currently handles around 1.2 mln users who can now buy their tickets anytime and anywhere they want.
  2. Thanks to implementing several improvements in the particular stages of the purchase process, we were able to facilitate this process which now takes only a few minutes.
  3. A high-performance real-time system can handle up to 400 concurrent searches per second.
  4. The application is fully responsive, works on both mobile phones and computers. Its simple and modern design is intuitive for the users.
  5. The Client is able to analyze the ticket sales and generate complex reports for past actions in order to further improve their selling strategy.

Technologies used

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