Darek Kociecki

About the author:

Head of Business Development at Neoteric. People have been always telling him that he is a born salesperson, but he did not listen. Until finally he tried and now he cannot imagine any other job. Passionate about the impact of technology on business and everyday lives. Sometimes swims, cycles, and runs.

Posts by Darek:

    Why is it cheaper to pay more? The real cost of hiring vs outsourcing in software development
    14 Mar 2019 in Business

    Building a successful startup isn’t easy. The path from validating the idea, through its execution, starting with a proof of concept, going through a prototype, raising the funds, up to this magic moment when you have your MVP and your customers are willing to pay for your product… Well, the path can be long and [...]

    10 Best Books on Business Development
    25 Oct 2018 in Business

    If you want to grow, you need to learn, there is no exception to this universal rule. These titles were chosen by our Head of Business Development, combined with suggestions gathered from his peers - a selection of books that will not only help you grow as a business developer but, in the bigger picture, [...]