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COO, co-owner of Journey Architects. Professional in every possible way, well organized, and systematic, effectively combining technical knowledge with deep understanding of business needs.

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    Fixed Price vs Time and Material. What type of contract should I choose?
    10 May 2018 in Business

    When planning to develop your software product, you must, at some point, pop the big question: How much will it cost? The cost is undoubtedly one of the crucial aspects that can make or break a deal. It has to be within your budget, that’s certain, but the question presented above is still not easy [...]

    Schematic Lab – Innovative Application for Electronic Circuits Design
    31 Mar 2016 in Business

    Challenge We were approached by founders with an idea of creating a web application that will enable its users to design electric circuits. The presented product concept was convincing – there aren’t many tools for that and most of them are outdated. We needed to focus on: The ease of use in producing schematics & printed circuit boards The [...]