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Business Development Manager, an avid fan of customer journey process since always, certified negotiator/mediator with human face towards clients.

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    Key requirements of GDPR – a concise summary
    30 May 2018 in Business

    Disclaimer: this article contains only some general information about GDPR. In order to make sure that your business is GDPR compliant, you should get professional assistance of a lawyer.    GDPR has been with us for almost a week now and it seems like we’re handling it somehow. In the previous post, we explained how [...]

    How to negotiate your software development agreement
    12 Apr 2018 in Business

    Signing a software development agreement is an ultimate step before getting on a project with a software development company. But before you are ready to put your signature on any contract, you need to go through the negotiations - which may lead through a long and risky path. Here is what to focus on to [...]

    The best customer experience you can get during the acquisition process
    08 Feb 2018 in Business

    If you ask someone from the IT world how to choose the best Software House, and what the main virtues of such a company could be, you will get at least a dozen of answers where most of them will probably be correct. Just taking a wild stab in the dark - price, location, the [...]