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    Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
    01 Aug 2019 in Business

    The path that leads to having a successful software can be rough and bumpy. It can take a few weeks or long months. The way it goes depends on the product itself - on what features it requires and how complex they are - but also on how you approach it. Between having an idea [...]

    Node.js vs Python
    03 Jul 2019 in Technical

    The server side of the web application may not be visible to end users but it is the engine that makes your app run. The programming language that you choose to build it with determines many crucial flows and procedures in project development - that’s why it is so important to make the right choice! [...]

    Ruby on Rails vs Node.js – which technology is better for your app?
    22 May 2019 in Technical

    Node.js and Ruby on Rails are two popular solutions used in web development. Both loved for their simplicity, speed of development, and easy code maintenance, they are often compared and seem to be good alternatives to Python, Java, PHP or .NET. While Ruby on Rails is based on the Ruby language, Node.js represents a "JavaScript [...]

    How we reduced churn in a telecom company by 20% in less than 6 months using predictive models – case study
    06 Feb 2019 in Artificial intelligence  &  Case studies

    When we met this telecom company in August 2018, they were dealing with high churn rate, falling ARPU and problems with predicting best buys for their clients. Our first mission was to reduce churn by predicting which customers are more likely to resign from the offered services. To do that, we first needed to deeply [...]

    Good design starts with words. Storytelling in UX design
    03 Jan 2019 in Business

    Who tells the stories? Storytelling could be defined simply as the activity of telling stories. That’s what that is, but in fact, it’s not all that simple. Storytelling is a powerful way to appeal to people, to sync with them. Not only is it a way to relate to others, it also actually synchronizes the [...]

    RapidSOS – Case Study
    28 Nov 2018 in Case studies

    Developing a project requires a lot of creativity and imagination. In order to fulfill all the requirements and make the users happy, you have to understand their problems and their expectations. Then, you need to find ways around some problems to make everything work smoothly. Seeing the results of your efforts is always a great [...]

    How to prioritize features for a Minimum Viable Product?
    02 Aug 2018 in Business

    When you’re planning the development of your app, you may find yourself falling into one of the traps of app development, such as the One-more-Feature. You want it to be perfect, so you’re thinking of all the cool features that would help to achieve this perfection, and so the list keeps growing. You know what [...]

    How to make sure your app is GDPR compliant?
    24 May 2018 in Business

    Disclaimer: this article contains only some general information about GDPR. In order to make sure that your business is GDPR compliant, you should get professional assistance of a lawyer. Have you heard of GDPR? Of course you have! If you run a business or work with data of your company’s clients, partners or employees, it’s [...]

    Slack vs Rocket.chat vs Hangouts Chat – which team communication tool is the best?
    22 Mar 2018 in Business

    Slack vs Rocket.Chat, HipChat, Ryver, Workplace by Facebook, Hangouts Chat, Fleep, Bitrix24… These are only a few of a large variety of team communication tools. They come in free, freemium, or paid options, and they provide various functionalities. Among all these tools, in Neoteric we’ve been using 3: Slack, Rocket.chat and Hangouts Chat. Here are [...]

    How to engage your team into creating content?
    01 Mar 2018 in People

    Back in 2008, Seth Godin - a marketing guru, business author and adviser - claimed that that “Content Marketing is the only marketing left” (Content Marketing Institute). Since then, we’ve been hearing about the new “year of content marketing” almost every year. To avoid repetitions, we sometimes use sophisticated rhetorical devices and call it a [...]