Proven fitness software solutions

With virtual classes and online coaching, fitness businesses can reach a bigger audience, acquire new customers, and increase revenue.
With us you will build your unique online fitness platform and introduce AI to offer clients personalized recommendations, reduce churn and maximize revenue.


annual growth of the fitness industry


projected virtual fitness market worth by 2027


of clubs say embracing fitness tech is the no. 1 trend to follow

Virtual fitness development solutions

Virtual fitness is an area that many gyms and sports companies are already exploring in an attempt to find the best ways to increase revenue. Depending on what you want to achieve, you may consider implementing:

On-demand fitness

Move your trainings online with video or audio classes available on demand, anywhere, anytime. Acquire new customers and keep the existing ones engaged.


If you have an online application make better use of client data with AI. Suggest online classes, products, and services that suit your customers’ individual needs for 10x ROI.

Dedicated app

A dedicated app allows you to expand your audience and offer unique fitness experiences. Offer custom training plans, allow booking sessions – whatever you need, all within one app.

Success stories

No matter if you want to move your gym online or already have a fitness application, technology can help you grow by improving customer experience, boosting sales, and increasing revenue. See how it worked for our clients:

Reaching over 20,000 new users with a web & mobile app

The project’s goal was to create a web and mobile application for one of the most successful American fitness studios to boost customer experience for the existing clients and reach the new ones.

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virtual fitness app case study - sample screenshot

AI recommendation system built within 3 months

We were approached by an international financial institution to build a course recommendation system to boost employee career chances through an e-learning platform. We used AI predictive models to provide employees with better course recommendations that would improve their career chances.

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Course recommendation system - challenges

27k users with a scheduling app built in 11 weeks is a web-based appointment scheduling tool with a free plan covering basic needs and a Pro plan for more demanding users. Currently, it is used worldwide, especially by US Ivy League professors and other people who value their time.

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How to start?

You don’t want to get in a long-term engagement without solid proof that it will live up to your expectations, do you? We also don’t want to work on products that don’t succeed. To build and grow a successful virtual fitness software, we want to learn about your objectives first, plan measurable goals and set metrics together.


First, let’s have a quick call during which you will be able to tell us more about your needs and goals, and get answers to all your questions regarding our team and any possible cooperation.


If there is synergy, we will invite you for the workshop during which we will help you test your assumptions and challenge your idea. After the workshop, you will have a solid plan to achieve your product success no matter whether you decide to work with us in the future or not.

Scrum development

After project kickoff, we will start the development process, organized into sprints that will end with delivering working features that you can test with your end users right away. You will be regularly updated with the progress and have direct access to the whole team.

Product launch

Every assumption needs validation. Your customers want to benefit from using your new product now, not in 2 years! That’s why we put a strong emphasis on bringing your product to the market as fast as possible.

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