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CTO of Neoteric, CEO of SaaS Manager. Over 10 years experience in the IT, personal portfolio with Cloud and Big Data for the Fortune 500 companies, 500+ beaten dragons. Equipment: excel, IDE and 55-pound axe.

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    How to increase revenue from your customers using predictive analytics
    07 Nov 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    This article is based on a presentation delivered during Neoteric AI Breakfast London. Read more about the event in the ebook "Scaling Digital Products with Data". When you’re a beginner with AI, you might think: “So there’s this cool thing called AI, or machine learning, and I may find it useful”. But when you start, it’s [...]

    Artificial intelligence implementation in 5 steps
    12 Dec 2018 in Artificial intelligence

    What does the artificial intelligence implementation process look like? Artificial intelligence is a cutting-edge solution for a wide range of industries, including human resources and customer service in the broad sense. That’s not just a marriage of convenience - AI brings relief to a wide range of products and services. The constant growth and development [...]

    Who can benefit from Node.js? Top 3 reasons why companies choose Node.js
    01 Nov 2018 in Business  &  Technical

    A few weeks ago, in our article Famous apps built with Node.js, you could see the quite impressive list of companies that have already given Node a chance. But why did they do it? If they had a functioning application, what was really the reason that made them change the technology?Obviously, all of these companies had [...]

    DevOps: a culture of getting things done
    28 Jun 2018 in Business  &  People

    DevOps is one of the most popular buzzwords in the tech industry and for a good reason. Some consider it to be the root of all evil, while others praise it as a silver bullet. I like to call it “technical agile”. It’s simply a culture where we all put emphasis on getting features to [...]

    How can you refactor a monolithic application into microservices?
    30 Mar 2017 in Business  &  Technical

    Why should you switch to microservices? According to the NGINX App Development Survey, 68% of organizations were using or investigating microservices in 2015. In only 2 years, this number grew to 80% (LeanIX Microservices Survey 2017). Moreover, over 70% of these companies plan to intensify the usage of microservices by the end of 2017.   [...]

    How to build a high-performance cloud-based system?
    16 Feb 2017 in Technical

    What needs to be done If you want to build an app, you probably want it to be highly scalable, fast and efficient. According to what I learned when overseeing building over 50 cloud projects at Neoteric, there will be quite a few aspects you need to take care of to make it happen:     To see how [...]