Tech Talks: Digital Fitness

Socially responsible fitness. A webinar with Eric Chessen

  • Date 3 August
  • Time 11:30 am EDT
  • Guest Eric Chessen

How to run a fitness company that makes an impact?

How to successfully run a fitness company for a niche group of users?

Join our webinar with Eric Chessen, an entrepreneur and a TEDx speaker. Discover the story of building a unique product that supports training athletes with Autism. Find out how fitness companies can make an impact.

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From private practice to an industry leader

In the third episode of Neoteric’s Tech Talks, we will meet Eric Chessen – the founder of Autism Fitness®. We will focus on various aspects of running a socially responsible fitness business: from getting started, to scaling up and developing a new business model. Join our discussion and learn how to design training programs that make an impact.

Join the webinar and learn:
why we need socially responsible fitness businesses
how to build a product that supports people with disabilities
how to scale a product designed to serve a very specific group
the challenges of moving to a hybrid model

Eric Chessen

Founder & Lead Instructor Autism Fitness

Eric has spent nearly 2 decades developing successful fitness and adapted PE programs for the autism and neuroadaptive populations. 

An exercise physiologist with an educational and clinical background in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Eric created Autism Fitness which has grown to be the educational and certification leader in the industry.

Eric has spent 18+ years as a consultant and fitness program director for Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. His programs have been featured on Yahoo News, VICE Media, and he has presented at TEDx. He is also the Co-Founder of strength equipment company

Darek Kociecki

Head of Growth, Neoteric

A triathlete and a tech evangelist fascinated by the way technology shapes our lives and helps companies make the change.

In his day-to-day work, he supports fitness businesses in navigating the complex tech landscape and bringing their ideas to life as digital products. Recently, a host of the Tech Talks webinars for the fitness industry.

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