Tech Talks: Digital Fitness | July 18

Boosting your MarianaTek platform with custom software solutions

  • Date July 18
  • Time 12 PM EDT | 9 AM PDT
  • Guests Tom Grimm, Darek Kocięcki

Customizing Mariana Tek platform

Are you thinking about going beyond what the standard Mariana Tek platform offers to your studio? Are you considering building your own member app? Sign up for the webinar and learn how to take full advantage of Mariana Tek, engage your users, and improve brand recognition.

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Building custom software solutions on the Mariana Tek platform

Wondering how you can continue using the robust studio management platform from Mariana Tek while having the flexibility to build your own custom software solutions? This episode of Neoteric’s Tech Talks is for you!

Together with Tom Grimm and Darek Kocięcki, we will go through different aspects of building custom software solutions on the Mariana Tek platform – from connecting external systems to the Mariana Tek platform to streamlining operations through implementing custom mobile features such as gamification, rewards program, body analytics or recommendations, to ideas for improving member community, user engagement, and brand loyalty. You will learn what it takes to build a custom software solution, how much it costs, and when it is the right time to start.

Join and learn:

When is the right time to build a custom mobile app for your members and what it takes to build one?
How to increase member engagement with the Mariana Tek mobile app’s features?
How to connect external CRMs, tax systems, and dashboards to Mariana Tek platform?
How much does it cost to build and maintain custom solutions on the Mariana Tek platform?


Tom Grimm
Life Flow Fitness

Tom is an innovation consultant specializing in “brand experience development”—designing, optimizing and communicating user experiences across a wide range of industries and categories, especially nutrition, technology and entertainment. A lifelong participant in the group fitness community, he recently began work on a fitness startup based on algorithm-driven personalization and community participation. He enjoys getting outside his comfort zone, and leans heavily into medical science and psychology in his work.

Tom Grimm
Darek Kocięcki

A triathlete and a tech evangelist fascinated by the way technology shapes our lives and helps companies make the change.

In his day-to-day work, he supports fitness businesses in navigating the complex tech landscape and bringing their ideas to life as digital products. Recently, a host of the Tech Talks webinars for the fitness industry.

Darek Kocięcki

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