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Improving the risk reduction process for the Ministry of Defence

Open Source Risk Reduction Overview

RRO visualization tool is an open-source tool which helps visualize various risks that may occur within the organizations along with the possible ways to prevent these risks. It helps to enhance safety and improve internal processes of companies and institutions.


About project

When we were approached by the Ministry of Defence, our goal was to build a tool that would support creating the RRO visualization to help them control risks better. The whole process consisted of identifying the actions that may lead to risk, describing the risks, finding ways to prevent them, visualizing the whole risk reduction plan, and reporting. Our goal was to make this process faster, easier, and more efficient.

Our tasks

Improving risk management

Creating an RRO visualization to help public institutions control risks better.

Increasing process efficiency

Our goal was to make the process of risk control faster, easier, and more efficient.



1. A long and complicated process

The process of visualization was long and complicated. It required using a raster graphics editor, and designing every single diagram from scratch.

2. Manual report creation

The reports were created manually for every diagram. That required a lot of time and effort from people involved in this task.  

3. Omitting risks due to process complexity

The complicated and time-consuming process of risk visualization may have led to omitting minor risks – the less probable to occur, the less likely would the person responsible for the visualization take that risk into consideration and put it on a diagram.



1. Creating a simple and intuitive interface

Every element of the diagram has a different shape and color – it is easy to distinguish the action that may lead to risk, the risk itself, and the ways to prevent it. A sensible layout is created automatically and the risk of human error is reduced.

2. Creating a system for RRO reusing

It is possible to export/import parts of RRO to reuse them in different RROs – instead of designing every RRO visualization from scratch.  

3. Automated reports functionality

The diagrams can be exported to PDF. The tool is able to take the inputs from specific fields and turn them into a report automatically.

Technology we used

Project Results

Making a tool intuitive and accessible

A simple way of creating RRO visualizations available as a fully accessible and intuitive open-source tool that can be used by different institutions and organizations.

Improving the risk reduction process

Shortening the time of creating an RRO visualization thanks to making it possible to reuse parts of RRO across different RROs, which translates into making the risk reduction processes faster and more efficient.

Making the process more efficient

Saving time that was previously spent on creating the reports manually.

Reducing human error within the process

Making the process of risk management easier, faster, and less exposed to human errors.


The risk management process became easier, faster, and less prone to human error. The processes once time-consuming and complex became efficient and simple. The open-source visualization tool we created changed the way many institutions assess risk.

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