Cloud-based analytics platform and information management engine delivering multi-user management, configurable reporting, and mapping. The leader of business telematics solutions for large and medium truck fleets.


#1 business telematics solution for truck fleets

FleetManager is the leader of business telematics solutions for both large and medium truck fleets, improving overall results due to reducing fuel costs, enhancing road safety, and protecting the customers’ cargo.

  • Deploying in an already existing application
  • Familiarizing our developer with the original code
  • Thorough acknowledgement of the application background and the customer’s developers team
  • Adjusting to the customer’s workflow and visiting their site to schedule long-term cooperation.
  • Ongoing cooperation with the customer on the project
  • Introducing a new functionality – interactive support



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Within months, Neoteric met internal standards of quality and efficiency. The agency’s deep open-source knowledge, meticulous documentation, and fluid onboarding capabilities add to their value. They are dexterous and skillful enough to handle a project end-to-end, making them an integral partner.

Liam Lynch, Blue Tree Systems      Blue Tree Systemssrc:

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