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Developing a recruitment platform raising 250,000 euro funding

  • Industry HR/Recruitment
  • Number of developers: 2
  • Lines of code: 22125


Skillhunt is a recruitment platform aiming to disrupt the recruitment market by delivering an end-to-end recruitment solution. Social-vetting, paid referrals, and matching algorithms are used within the product to match the best candidates with job offers.

About project

Hiring the best developers is one of the major struggles in the IT industry. The difficulty itself doesn’t mean there are not enough programmers. The problem is that many of them do not wish to speak to recruiters and HR managers once they land a suitable job. They become invisible and unreachable for staffing professionals. In 2015, we faced this problem ourselves – the existing tools were inefficient, and that is why we had to find a quick solution.

Our tasks

Validating the product with the market

We built an MVP of the platform that had to be tested with real users before building a fully functional platform.

Developing a functional tool for internal use

We aimed to develop a scalable recruiting solution to reach the best developers and recruit them to join our company.



1. Limited time and budget

We aimed to bootstrap product development with no external funds available to reach out for. The tool had to be built fast with a team of two developers.

2. Encouraging users to recommend jobs

We had to provide referring users with a strong incentive to recommend their friends through the platform. In turn, users looking for candidates had to easily qualify, reject or invite candidates for further contact.

Developing a recruitment platform - challenges
IT recruitment is a challenging business process for finding and matching top candidates for key competencies quickly. Using Skillhunt has helped us improve our overall efficiency.

Maciej Kłosiński / Powel



1. Applying lean development

Thanks to the lean development process, we managed to reduce time and save budget by collecting user feedback during the whole process of development.

2. Offering recommendation bonuses

We introduced bonuses for users who were recommending their friends. Users were rewarded once their referred friend was successfully recruited by the company searching for a candidate.

Technology we used
Mongo DB

Project Results

Launching a product within 10 weeks

We build a product prototype within 2 weeks and an MVP within 8 weeks.

Raising 250,000 euro funding

The startup was bootstrapped initially and gathered 250,000 euro from VCs in the seed stage.

Raising 250,000 euro funding

In June 2018, Skillhunt was listed among the Top 100 startups at the Europe Startup Grind Conference in London.


The recruitment app our developers built was a game-changer in the industry worth more than $400 billion worldwide. It has helped save time on recruiting the best IT specialists for companies such as Amazon, Travactory, and LunchBadger. In June 2018, Skillhunt was listed among the Top 100 at the Europe Startup Grind Conference in London.

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