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Boosting the effectiveness of marketing campaigns management with a new diagramming tool


Terminus helps B2B marketers create, accelerate and close pipelines by focusing sales and marketing resources on the best-fit, most likely to buy segments of their target market. In addition, the company’s platform empowers marketing teams to operate and measure scalable account-based initiatives that drive quality growth. 

About the project

Our job was to support the client in developing Terminus Orchestration – a visual, flow-building tool used to help marketers define the steps that should be taken regarding target account activity. The Orchestration builder should work within the existing platform and provide the feeling that it was part of the original ecosystem.

Our tasks

Developing the three panels of the orchestration builder

The app’s layout consisted of 3 panels: one with basic options, one with detailed options, and one with the flow overview.

Using diagramming solutions to develop the app’s templates

The panels needed to have visual panels with scalable elements (shapes & features) that could be moved only within the given area.



1. Making Terminus Orchestration work as an integral part of Terminus

Adding new options to the existing tool might compound UX in terms of coherence impression. The orchestration should have looked exactly the same as the central platform did. It was crucial to prevent the situation when end-users feel that the solution differs from what they have already experienced.

2. Keeping the layout easy to navigate and intuitive

The tool was supposed to support marketers in creating marketing campaigns based on data derived from various sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. However, the more options the tool has, the greater risk of a non-intuitive layout arises. Therefore, while broadening the options’ gamut, keeping the design engaging was crucial.



1. Creating tree structures for managing campaign workflow

Our client decided to use diagramming solutions to visualize campaigns’ next steps in the form of tree charts. Therefore marketers can spot business logic standing behind every movement, how the actions are connected, and what kind of hierarchy exists between them.

2. Adding canvas enabling users full graph’s customization

To provide a fully personalized experience, teams added a canvas allowing users to create their graphs from the templates, shapes in the valid areas, and styles from the design layouts already offered in the app.

Technology we used

Project Results

Helping marketers understand their customers

Thanks to interactive data visualization, the whole platform supports marketers in analysis. As they can spot the performance of a particular marketing funnel, it becomes natural to associate what kind of content engages the users primarily.

Creating the space for coordinating multi-channel campaigns

As the app allows users to coordinate campaigns using plenty of sources, it is easy to schedule well-thought marketing funnels and results in significant time savings.

Increasing marketing programs’ awareness

With one platform to measure the campaign’s effectiveness, displaying all the possible campaign channels and opening the door to finding customers quickly, the tool increases awareness of marketing actions among professionals.

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