Visualized automated business logic, workflows and API integration, without the need for programming. Fully functional cloud-based environment.

App Mixer

Visualized automated business logic, workflows and API integration

AppMixer is a product developed by, a software development company specialized in diagramming solutions. It’s an API orchestration tool, enabling users to connect their cloud applications in order to create workflows and business logic. AppMixer gives the possibility for online application integration without requiring programming skills from users. The system is flexible, customizable and web-based.

  • Numerous external services needed to be integrated into one tool, often requiring different implementation methods.
  • The existing solutions weren’t efficient enough, so the development was going too slow.
  • Swift transitioning between different implementation methods.
  • Teaming up with Client’s developers.
  • Smooth transfer of knowledge between both teams.
  • Product’s development speeded up.
  • All of the external services were integrated successfully.
  • While our team was taking care of the implementation of the required components, the Client’s team was able to focus on developing the core of the application.

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What our customer says

Communication is really important, and Neoteric is responsive and open to using many channels. Neoteric has a very capable team in web development. The company is honest about the seniority levels of their resources. We always know what we’re getting ahead of time. Neoteric has been able to complete the work on time. Neoteric is always able to report exactly what they’ve been working and on what times which shows they are organized.

David Durman, Appmixer      LunchBadgersrc:

We get you to the market 2-3 times faster than you expect