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JointJS-based workflow automation system for API integration solutions leader

  • Industry Information Technology
  • Team size 3
  • Year 2016


AppMixer is an iPaaS and a workflow automation system developed by Client.io – the creator of the JointJS+ diagramming framework. It provides the tools that make it easy for anyone to create workflows and business processes without writing a single line of code. To create custom automated workflows, users can use built-in connectors for the most popular online apps or add new connectors to hook up any API. Once connected, the apps can be used in automated workflows with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

About the project

When the project started, Neoteric was already an official partner of Client.io, the creator of AppMixer, developing custom diagramming software using JointJS+ (formerly Rappid). The client was looking for extra developers who would be able to team up with their core in-house team and handle multiple implementation methods to integrate external services into one tool. 

Our tasks

External services integration

While the core team was working on the product’s engine, Neoteric team took care of creating the built-in API connectors and integrating multiple external services into one functional tool.

Orchestrating apps’ activities within the system

Integrated systems provided two types of activities: triggers and actions. Triggers from one system (e.g. receiving a product review) were supposed to initiate the action in another one (e.g. sending an automated email).



1. Integrating various APIs into one product

In this project, it was crucial to integrate numerous external services into one tool – but every API is different, not to mention that they utilize different technologies. In order to make the platform work smoothly for the users, it was important to:

  • understand how each of the integrated tools worked and what triggers and actions they used,
  • design a complex system that would make it possible to connect them into one automated workflow.
2. Limited talent pool

Even though it’s quite a common challenge faced by entrepreneurs, limited access to skilled developers has major implications, slowing down the development process, increasing time-to-market and the total development cost.

Communication is really important, and Neoteric is responsive and open to using many channels. Neoteric has a very capable team in web development. They are honest about the seniority levels of their resources. We always know what we’re getting ahead of time.
David Durman
David Durman / AppMixer

Source: Clutch.co


1. Creating custom integrations

We used webhooks, implemented REST API and SOAP API, and managed services’ authorization (OAuth 2, OAuth1). In order to manage triggers and actions properly and make it intuitive for future users, we were basing on the official documentation of the connected services and tested it manually when the documentation wasn’t sufficient.

2. Joining the AppMixer’s team as a tech partner

We teamed up with Appmixer to establish common project processes. While our responsibilities were different, it was crucial to work as one team, communicate on a daily basis (apart from the regular calls with the core team, we communicated asynchronously on Slack), and ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge. Only that way, we were able to avoid reworks and shorten the development time.

Technology we used
Node JS

Project Results

1. Speeding the development up

Working in a tech partnership model, our teams were able to avoid reworks and drive the results much faster than if working separately.

2. Successful services integration

During the project, we created API integrations for Highrise, Mailchimp, Evernote, Trello, Facebook, Github, Gmail, Slack, Twillio and many other tools that now can serve as a part of an AppMixer workflow.

3. Working as a team to reach goals

While our team was integrating the required services into the tool, the client’s team was able to focus on developing the core of the application – the engine that is managing all the integrations, authorizations, and administration modules.


As a result of our work, the Appmixer tool was launched to the market faster with our developers working as one team with the Appmixer’s staff. The project was finished successfully with multiple external services integrated into one tool.

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