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Artificial intelligence (AI) increases sales, saves costs, and improves user experience. Our AI development experts will help you use your data to improve efficiency and make smarter decisions.

How can AI help your business?

AI technology has various use cases among different industries. Customer service, marketing and sales, management, security – all of these can benefit from AI development. With Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, smart search engines, or predictive models supporting the decision-making processes, AI will change business on a large scale.

Our AI development team will help you identify the areas that can benefit from artificial intelligence solutions the most and implement them to make sure you get the profits you want.

What does AI offer?

Machine learning

Machine learning allows computers to determine rules on how data changes without explicitly programming those rules.
ML solutions:

  • Study available data and analyze clients’ behaviors to discover patterns.
  • Make predictions and decisions based on historical records.
  • Discover similarities or anomalies in data.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics provides assessment on future trends. Using the available historical data, it will:

  • Reduce churn by identifying the clients who want to leave.
  • Increase sales by suggesting what the client wants to buy and determine how much they will buy.
  • Identify employees who are likely to leave the company.
  • Predict demand for resources, product, and inventory.
  • Identify the risk of breakdowns, failures, malfunctions, and errors.

Recommendation engines

Recommendation engines can be utilized in a variety of areas, including movies, music, books or other products. These engines will:

  • Personalize offers basing on client’s earlier choices and reviews.
  • Suggest other videos, songs, books etc. that the client will like.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Improve customer experience.
  • Increase retention and loyalty.

Natural language processing

NLP lets companies better use language data thanks to effective processing of large amounts of voice or text messages. Natural language processing will:

  • Extract specific data from long texts (e.g. articles, books, bills).
  • Automatically processes invoices, orders, contracts.
  • Identify the writer’s emotions and recognizes hate speech.
  • Improve customer experience with chatbots and virtual assistants.

Here’s how we approach AI development

Step 1:
AI discovery workshops

    AI development starts with comprehensive workshops. Our team will listen you your goals and needs to build a business case. Together, we will identify the available data and decide on the success/failure criteria.

Step 2: Proof-of-Concept

    At this stage of AI development, we extract easily available data to build first versions of models and mix them with already available cloud services. That gives us an overview of what we can achieve with available datasets and provides a roadmap of how to improve models.

Step 3: Implementation

    Models are operationalized - made available as transactional or batch API and integrated with existing systems and operations. We continuously measure how accurate predictions the models generate and their impact on your daily business. That gives us hard numbers showing much we improved the efficiency of your workforce and how big the return on such investment was.

Step 1:
AI discovery workshops

Step 2: Proof-of-Concept

Step 3: Implementation

How our customers use artificial intelligence to improve their business

SaaS Manager logo

SaaS Manager:

SaaS Manager uses artificial intelligence to analyze big data, provide high-quality customer service and build brand loyalty. Not only does it reduce churn by successfully identifying the clients who want to leave, but it also helps create personalized offers that encourage the clients to stay and boost customer satisfaction.

Soapbox logo


SoapBox provides you with a smarter way to support your business: through AI. They use artificial intelligence in customer service: they “teach” the system how best agents work and how customers interact with them. Thanks to that, the system understands the context of customers’ inquiries and it can provide personalized experience on its own.

AppOrchid logo


AppOrchid creates easy-to-use, dynamic apps that utilize artificial intelligence to help businesses operate smarter. They use the company’s data and correlate it with data gathered from IoT, weather, traffic conditions, and social media to discover new patterns and insights about the business.

RapidSOS logo


RapidSOS is a life-saving technology that links connected devices to 911 and first responders. Their emergency API allows creating call flow between devices, emergency services, and other third parties to reduce the complexity of getting life-saving data. RapidSOS’ analytics engine analyzes huge volumes of data to provide understanding of when, where, and how emergencies occur and predict their occurence.

Language learning application - sample logo

Language Learning Application:

A good language app teaches you to speak a language, not only write in it. The language learning app we were working on uses speech recognition to understand what the user is saying and determine whether the phrase is correct so it can provide the user with instant feedback.