E-learning software development

The e-learning industry is expected to triple its size from 2020 to 2025.

With COVID-19 becoming a strong catalyst for the growing popularity of e-learning solutions, the industry has got a major boost in market demand. The number of tech-savvy users increases and it seems to be the right time to launch and develop your e-learning solutions.

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E-learning development solutions:

E-learning is quite a diversified industry with different challenges and objectives. Depending on what you want to achieve, you may consider:

Course recommendation system

Sell more courses thanks to better AI-based recommender systems. Make sure that your students see the courses that are best fit for their needs.

Booking platform for individual consultations

Make scheduling consultations easy and convenient for your students, save time, avoid double booking, and monitor the performance of every teacher at your e-learning platform.

Churn prediction model

Keep your students with you! Churn prediction models can identify who is most likely to give up and leave your e-learning platform, and help you motivate them to stay.

Success stories

No matter if you are offering your e-learning platform to companies or individuals, the right technological solution can keep the users of the e-learning platform engaged, improve their retention, and streamline your internal processes. See how it worked for our clients:

course recommendation system

E-Course recommendation system for the financial institution


We were approached by an international financial institution to build a course recommendation system to boost employee career opportunities through an e-learning platform. Depending on the goals of the employee and the assessment of skills needed in every team, the predictive models were able to suggest the right courses that made the training process more effective.

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Booking platform for individual consultations


We developed a scheduling tool that helps professors schedule their individual classes and consultations. Using the platform, they are able to save time they used to spend on sending back-and-forth emails with their students, avoid double-booking, and plan their workdays better.

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churn prediction

Churn prediction model


Our client, a telecom company, uses churn prediction models to identify which customers are most likely to change their service provider and prevent that from happening. Instead of wasting their time contacting every customer whose contract is about to expire, the consultants can focus on those who are most likely to churn – and improve customer retention.

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How to start?

You don’t want to get in a long-term engagement without a solid proof that it will live up to your expectations, do you? We also don’t want to work on products that don’t succeed. To build a successful e-learning software, we want to learn about your objectives first, plan measurable goals and set metrics together.


First, let’s have a quick call during which you will be able to tell more about your needs and goals, and get answers to all your questions regarding our team and the possible cooperation.

Step 1: Call


If there is a synergy, we will invite you for the workshop during which we will help you test your assumptions and challenge your idea. After the workshop, you will have a solid plan to achieve your product success no matter whether you decide to work with us in the future or not.

Step 2: Workshop

Scrum development

After project kickoff, we will start the development process, organized into sprints that will end with delivering working features that you can test with your end users right away. You will be regularly updated with the progress and have direct access to the whole team.

Step 3: Scrum development

Product launch

Every assumption needs validation. Your customers want to benefit from using your new product now, not in 2 years! That’s why we put a strong emphasis on bringing your product to the market as fast as possible.

Step 4: Product launch
The commitment demonstrated by Neoteric to our project success was tremendous. From day one, we met with professionals in all roles who demonstrated their skill, experience and contributed excellent feedback into the product team to improve the quality of the final product we delivered.

Product Manager - Fintech Company

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