When setting up a new startup, you have to focus on having the best product you can get – not only does it have to appeal to prospective consumers, but also convince investors that it’s worth to invest money in. Therefore, it is crucial that you define all the requirements just right and then develop a killer prototype that will instantly grab everyone’s attention. And that’s what we were working on with LunchBadger.

LunchBadger is an early venture-funded startup within the API and microservices enterprise cloud software space. It is a multi-cloud platform that allows you to compose, connect, secure, deploy, publish, monitor and extend APIs and microservices.


The Client collaborated with us to help define the requirements and develop the frontend portion of a prototype they were working on. The goal was to create the first basic version of the product that they could demo and bring to the market to gather feedback from the trial group of users. The Client initially suggested using a specialized SVG library, which turned out not to be the best possible solution for this project. 

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Once we have learned about all the needs of the Client, we decided that a different, more generalized technology, React, could be used instead, making the development process much shorter. The technology suggested by our team was accepted by the Client. Using it, our developers built a prototype that went on to raise funds for further development.

A small team of our frontend developers was working with a product owner on the Client’s side. They used the Client’s mock-ups, built the interaction, and later the prototype itself. They also worked with the Client’s developers to partner on the backend services. Our team managed to develop the prototype within the timeframe and budget.  The prototype was done successfully and the Client could later use it as the first iteration of the production code.


The developed prototype received funds from investors: a total of 3.13 million dollars. The project was finished successfully. As they later said: “Neoteric put a lot of thought into the product, resulting in a successful prototype. Aside from having reasonable rates, Neoteric impressively balanced efficiency and quality in their services.

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Client’s testimonial

lunchbadger development testimonial