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    AI in education: Can AI improve the way we teach and learn?
    13 Jun 2019 in Business

    It may be difficult to imagine artificial intelligence in education. It’s easier with other industries, but what has AI to do with education? Are we going to replace teachers with chatbots? The worries about teachers losing their jobs are definitely premature - the fact is that humans understand humans, and the relationship students have with [...]

    12 challenges of AI adoption
    06 Jun 2019 in Business  &  Technical

    Artificial intelligence is finding its way into more industries and a growing number of companies already experience the benefits of implementing AI. Even though AI is developing and gaining more popularity, many businesses still can’t find their way with this “new” technology. Why? There’s a number of reasons why a company may fear AI implementation. [...]

    Artificial intelligence examples: Understanding your customers
    30 May 2019 in Business

    Artificial intelligence has already entered a variety of fields and keeps expanding its use cases to other sectors. In my previous articles, I discussed example use cases, including those for healthcare, and e-commerce (among others), and today I want to focus on artificial intelligence examples that proved to be successful: instances of big companies starting [...]

    What can AI do for your business?
    15 May 2019 in Business

    Artificial intelligence is still often associated with Terminator-like beings and sci-fi dystopias - but AI is currently a hot topic and this trend, luckily, comes with a lot of educational value. It’s getting easier to find reliable information about AI and learn how it works, yet people tend to be distrustful towards new technologies. It [...]

    What are the things you must consider before implementing AI in your business?
    02 May 2019 in Business

    How to prepare for AI implementation The business world is beginning to adopt AI.  Research shows that 47% of organizations have implemented it in at least one function in their business processes, compared to 20% in the previous year. Another 30% of respondents say they are piloting AI. The main sectors to have adopted AI are [...]

    How predictive models help businesses: reducing churn by more than 20% with 10x ROI
    25 Mar 2019 in Case studies

    Challenge In August 2017, we were approached by one of the biggest Polish telecoms with almost 1 million customers. They were struggling with growing customer churn, which was their biggest problem, and they couldn’t prevent it due to multiple factors, including ineffective customer retention strategy, lack of essential information, and too long feedback loop. The [...]

    10 awesome products you didn’t know were built in CEE
    21 Mar 2019 in Business

    When you think about the biggest technology companies in the world, it seems like everything revolves around the US. While it’s true for giants like Apple or Facebook, Europe has its own hall of fame. Skype, for example. And… Well, yeah, what else? More and more awesome products are founded and/or developed in Europe, and [...]

    Drag&drop tool for visual components
    21 Mar 2019 in Case studies

    About the Client The company is based in Silicon Valley and specializes in AI (artificial intelligence) and cognitive computing. They state their mission is to “make apps that make the internet of everything think like a human brain”. They apply AI and NLP to extract and blend structured data from the IoT and operational databases, [...]

    A dialog flow manager for the Intelligent Virtual Assistant
    10 Mar 2019 in Case studies

    The product is an Intelligent Virtual Agent that engages with customers through multi-channel conversational interaction to resolve customer inquiries without human involvement. It utilizes Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning to receive input from customers and make sense of it. The dialog flow manager, which is the part of the app we were working on, [...]

    5 medical challenges that can be solved with AI in healthcare
    28 Feb 2019 in Business

    Artificial intelligence has proven to be successful in a variety of industries and still sparks excitement among businesses. Even though there are numerous examples of AI bringing benefits to many sectors, it seems like it’s still feared in healthcare. On one hand, there’s fear of machine error and data privacy concerns, on the other - [...]