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    How much do AI projects cost?
    06 Dec 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    When considering starting with AI, you surely wonder how much money this undertaking will cost you. Is it millions of dollars and years of development? Or a few thousand bucks and a few weeks of work? There is one important thing you have to be aware of here: it depends - and on a number [...]

    Building your data science team: in-house or outsourced?
    28 Nov 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    Building your data science team is one of the most essential elements of developing your AI tool. Naturally, an AI project doesn’t start with development right away, but with the right preparation - like creating a very basic data strategy including the use case, information about data, etc., there comes a point where you have [...]

    How to start with artificial intelligence: your first steps with AI
    14 Nov 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    Have you considered implementing artificial intelligence for your business? You’re here, so chances are you have, and there is some idea developing in your head. What does your dream AI implementation look like? And, quite importantly, where does it start? It may come as a surprise but an AI project does not at all start [...]

    AI projects fail – here’s why
    24 Oct 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    When thinking about starting your AI project, you’re likely feeling a combination of excitement and concern. Wow, this can be amazing. All the success stories, the numbers of sales increase, revenue growth… So many opportunities! But… On the other hand, what if it goes wrong? How can you mitigate the risk of wasting time and [...]

    Are you ready for artificial intelligence?
    17 Oct 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence adoption is tempting - with all the possibilities and success stories around, it’s surely crossed your mind to give it a shot, too. And it’s true that AI can solve various business problems and help organizations improve efficiency and increase revenue. However, AI implementation is not as simple as installing an app on [...]

    Mistakes of AI adoption: How much can we trust AI?
    10 Oct 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    The trust we have for any technology is usually limited. With artificial intelligence, we can be tempted to be even more skeptical: if it’s to display intelligence, the bar is set high. The problem can grow when we consider that there’s no clear, uniform definition of human intelligence. If the original is not fully understood, [...]

    Mistakes of AI adoption: the underestimated human factor
    03 Oct 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    The sins of AI adopters, part 3: when you don’t focus on people quite enough Adopting a new technology can make us lose sight of the people we work with. Not forever, of course, but even when you implement AI, there are certain roles that people play, and it won’t change. Artificial intelligence is not [...]

    Mistakes of AI adoption: the mismatch of business and tech
    26 Sep 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    The sins of AI adopters, part 2 The difficulty in identifying appropriate business use cases for AI projects remains one of the top barriers to AI implementation. Selecting an AI project, especially for the first time, can be challenging since it requires organizations to find the perfect balance between business and technology. Matching these two [...]

    Mistakes of AI adoption: lack of data strategy
    19 Sep 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    The sins of AI adopters Artificial intelligence adoption may be tricky. It’s a technology different than any other you’ve implemented before. There are rules to follow, some of them incomprehensible to someone without extensive AI knowledge. There are certain challenges companies can face while implementing AI: data quality, model errors, lack of data science experts [...]

    Dynamic pricing in practice: Is it for everyone?
    12 Sep 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    Dynamic pricing has been around for as long as we’ve known commerce. Prices vary depending on a number of factors: customer status, location, supply, demand, time. We’re witnessing more on more online sellers adopt this pricing strategy too and it seems like it’s working. It’s an easy way to stay competitive and squeeze out more [...]