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Communication specialist in love with the English language. A people person who loves to learn about others. An avid reader of paper books.

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    How predictive models help businesses: reducing churn by more than 20% with 10x ROI
    25 Mar 2019 in Case studies

    Challenge In August 2017, we were approached by one of the biggest Polish telecoms with almost 1 million customers. They were struggling with growing customer churn, which was their biggest problem, and they couldn’t prevent it due to multiple factors, including ineffective customer retention strategy, lack of essential information, and too long feedback loop. The [...]

    10 awesome products you didn’t know were built in CEE
    21 Mar 2019 in Business

    When you think about the biggest technology companies in the world, it seems like everything revolves around the US. While it’s true for giants like Apple or Facebook, Europe has its own hall of fame. Skype, for example. And… Well, yeah, what else? More and more awesome products are founded and/or developed in Europe, and [...]

    Drag&drop tool for visual components
    21 Mar 2019 in Case studies

    About the Client The company is based in Silicon Valley and specializes in AI (artificial intelligence) and cognitive computing. They state their mission is to “make apps that make the internet of everything think like a human brain”. They apply AI and NLP to extract and blend structured data from the IoT and operational databases, [...]

    A dialog flow manager for the Intelligent Virtual Assistant
    10 Mar 2019 in Case studies

    The product is an Intelligent Virtual Agent that engages with customers through multi-channel conversational interaction to resolve customer inquiries without human involvement. It utilizes Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning to receive input from customers and make sense of it. The dialog flow manager, which is the part of the app we were working on, [...]

    5 medical challenges that can be solved with AI in healthcare
    28 Feb 2019 in Business

    Artificial intelligence has proven to be successful in a variety of industries and still sparks excitement among businesses. Even though there are numerous examples of AI bringing benefits to many sectors, it seems like it’s still feared in healthcare. On one hand, there’s fear of machine error and data privacy concerns, on the other - [...]

    Tinder algorithms: how the matchmaking happens
    14 Feb 2019 in Business

    Do you know Tinder? The name should ring a bell. After all, it’s one of the most popular apps with more than 300 million downloads and millions of users worldwide. Even though some say it’s simply an app that makes meeting people easier, let’s be honest: it’s a dating app. The legends of people meeting [...]

    Artificial intelligence in review: when AI fails
    24 Jan 2019 in Business

    Artificial intelligence is getting better and it helps businesses get to a whole new level. In the past few months, I’ve written a few articles about the advantages of AI in customer service, e-commerce, and human resources. It’s not all that wonderful, though. Today, we’ll look at the dark side of artificial intelligence. Here come [...]

    10 best tools for project managers in 2019
    10 Jan 2019 in Business

    What does a project manager do? The job of a project manager, according to Project Management Institute’s “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” is to: apply knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. That’s a very wide definition. The responsibilities of a project manager in real [...]

    6 ways to use artificial intelligence in e-commerce
    20 Dec 2018 in Business

    When you already know that artificial intelligence is creeping into every area of business, it’s no surprise that e-commerce can make use of it as well. Many e-commerce businesses are already using AI solutions to better understand their customers, generate new leads, and provide personalized customer experience. The same question comes up every time we [...]

    5 ways to use artificial intelligence in human resources
    29 Nov 2018 in Business

    Artificial intelligence is getting more advanced as well as more popular in a variety of areas. In my previous article, I wrote about AI in customer service, and now it’s time to talk about some ways to use artificial intelligence in human resources. When we put the phrases “artificial intelligence” and “human resources” next to [...]