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Communication specialist in love with the English language. A people person who loves to learn about others. An avid reader of paper books.

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    5 ways to use artificial intelligence in human resources
    29 Nov 2018 in Business

    Artificial intelligence is getting more advanced as well as more popular in a variety of areas. In my previous article, I wrote about AI in customer service, and now it’s time to talk about some ways to use artificial intelligence in human resources. When we put the phrases “artificial intelligence” and “human resources” next to [...]

    RapidSOS – Case Study
    28 Nov 2018 in Case studies

    Developing a project requires a lot of creativity and imagination. In order to fulfill all the requirements and make the users happy, you have to understand their problems and their expectations. Then, you need to find ways around some problems to make everything work smoothly. Seeing the results of your efforts is always a great [...]

    How does artificial intelligence improve customer service?
    15 Nov 2018 in Business

    Artificial Intelligence is all around us. It keeps on gaining popularity and emerging into more and more areas of our lives. Though some people still associate AI solely with robots and think it’s all rather sci-fi, the truth is that artificial intelligence is present in our lives and it can bring business tangible benefits. In [...]

    Who can benefit from Node.js? Top 3 reasons why companies choose Node.js
    01 Nov 2018 in Business  &  Technical

    A few weeks ago, in our article Famous apps built with Node.js, you could see the quite impressive list of companies that have already given Node a chance. But why did they do it? If they had a functioning application, what was really the reason that made them change the technology?Obviously, all of these companies had [...]

    Famous apps built with Node.js
    18 Oct 2018 in Business

    Node.js is gaining more and more popularity. The 2018 Node.js User Survey Report shares insights from more than 1600 participants. Three quarters of them say that they’re planning to increase their use of Node over the next 12 months. Node is most commonly used in web app development, with 85% of respondents indicating they use [...]

    What types of applications can you build with Node.js?
    04 Oct 2018 in Business  &  Technical

    Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment and it’s built on Chrome’s V8 JS engine. Historically, JavaScript was used mainly for client-side scripting and it ran the client-side by a JS engine in the user’s web browser. In practice, this meant that the server-side required a different programming language, which often translated into hiring different developers [...]

    How to be more productive
    27 Sep 2018 in People

    Being productive has always been appreciated, but the productivity hype now is just amazing. There are numerous techniques and tricks that are allegedly going to make your life easier by showing you how to be more productive. And there’s even a separate advice segment aimed at developers. They should be even better at that. Though [...]

    LunchBadger – Case Study
    18 Sep 2018 in Case studies

    When setting up a new startup, you have to focus on having the best product you can get - not only does it have to appeal to prospective consumers, but also convince investors that it’s worth to invest money in. Therefore, it is crucial that you define all the requirements just right and then develop [...]

    What is an error budget?
    13 Sep 2018 in Business  &  Technical

    Everything fails, that’s a fact. Not even the best system has 100% reliability, right? But then, how many times have you seen Google being unavailable? I’ve never seen that, or if for some reason Google wouldn’t load, I’d blame that on my internet connection. There’s no way it’s Google’s fault. Believe it or not, but [...]

    What is the difference between UI and UX?
    06 Sep 2018 in Business  &  Technical

    UI and UX are widely discussed but still somewhat confused. There is a plethora of materials, an overwhelming number of meetings taking on the topic of UI/UX, but just because of that slash right there, many assume that both of these terms are the same and can be used interchangeably. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. [...]