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CEO. A serial entrepreneur, founder of Neoteric, SkillHunt,, Startups Ocean and AmberHub. Experienced software engineering specialist: solution architect, IT strategy advisor, software development process manager, advisor at Startup funds and Business Angels. Follow him at: Quora Twitter LinkedIn

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    Building the culture of freedom and responsibility
    11 Apr 2019 in Business  &  People

    What lets companies win on the market is a competitive advantage. The fact that in some aspect, some perspective, some segment, some niche, they can deliver better products or services than anyone else.  As the world has started to change at an exponential pace, the source of this advantage has changed.  With hyper-competition, almost unlimited [...]

    Why do you need innovation workshops?
    23 Aug 2018 in Business

    Over the years that we’ve worked on numerous projects, we’ve learned that building great software products is much more than writing the code. We see our role as the tech part of your team, working together towards the same business goals. When building a new software product, it’s much more important to focus on the [...]

    Your idea is worthless and you shouldn’t raise money for it
    26 Jul 2018 in Business

    I have an awesome idea for …, where can I find an investor? This question comes back like a boomerang when I meet entrepreneurs, read posts in startup groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. Truth be told, you shouldn’t. Before you even think about looking for capital, you need to understand how the startup funding, or [...]

    How to prepare yourself for software estimation?
    11 Jan 2018 in Business

    Estimating the cost and effort needed to build your software depends directly on the quality of information that you can provide. Before you request an estimate, you should think about how the software should work, how it should interact with users, how it should generate value for you and your customers, and some specific things [...]

    29 Tools to validate your idea before building MVP
    12 Dec 2017 in Business

    In my last article, I was explaining why it is important to validate startup ideas before you start the development of your product, and how to do it. This time, I'd like to share some tools and use cases that will help you go through this process. As validation is not a one-time task but [...]

    How to validate your startup idea?
    16 Nov 2017 in Business

    What is validation and why is it necessary? The ultimate validation is when you can do business with your product or service. That means that you can create a company that is sustainable, that brings profit, and achieve your bigger goals. In order to do that, you need to put your product or service on [...]

    Do not start making your app with an MVP!
    10 Aug 2017 in Business

    I often get questions about product development. Entrepreneurs ask me what an MVP is, how to get to it, or how to find their product market fit. They want to know what  some good practices are, what mistakes they can avoid, and what they should focus on at each stage of the development. Recently, we’ve asked [...]

    How we signed over 500 users, closed $250k seed round and acquired big brands as new customers during infoShare 2016 – lessons learned
    26 May 2016 in People

    InfoShare 2016 has given Neoteric a lot of opportunities but it was also a big challenge for us. For the first time, Neoteric and AmberHub have sponsored the event, which is the biggest and the most important start-up fest in CEE. We exhibited four start-ups: SkillHunt, SaaS Manager, SchematicLab, and All of them achieved [...]

    5 myths about outsourcing IT in a start-up
    11 May 2016 in Business

    Have you ever wondered why building a scalable MVP is such a challenge? Hiring top developers is hard and expensive. Building a scalable solution with state-of-the-art UX requires the skill set of 4-7 people. Can you afford such a team? Even if, is it the smartest way to spend your first investment? As it was [...]

    Software-as-a-Service or Service-as-a-Software?
    21 Jan 2016 in Business

    The introduction of Software-as-a-Service model gave us a lot: new quality (SLAs), better financing (lower CAPEX, reasonable OPEX), effortless usage. We don't need any infrastructure, we care less about the administration. We use SaaS-based CRMs (Salesforce,, Pipedrive, BaseCRM), Project Management tools (JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, Clarizen), help desk software (ZenDesk, Freshdesk,, JitBit). We use [...]