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Graduate of Gdansk University of Technology. Recently started a career in Project Management. Enthusiast of Agile and Hybrid Methodologies.

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    What is Scrum? How it works and why we love it
    02 May 2018 in People

    At Neoteric, it is an unwritten rule that all of us share our knowledge with those who want to learn. That’s why we’re always happy to take part in initiatives related to promoting agile project management. This month, together with my friend Bartek, we gave a lecture and a short workshop about Scrum. Who are [...]

    How to deal with a time zone difference in outsourced projects
    15 Feb 2018 in Business

    The numerous advantages and disadvantages of time zone differences can be a topic of never-ending discussions. In this article, I will describe my experience in managing a time zone difference while working with clients from the United States, Ireland and Australia. When considering time zones and ways of dealing with them, it is worth to [...]

    More agile than the Agile. The rise of hybrid methodologies
    06 Jul 2017 in Business

    New methodologies have always been developed to challenge traditional models. The Agile Manifesto, for instance, was developed as a form of opposition to rigid regulations and rules. Those who fancy agile methods of project management (like Scrum) fight against those who cannot imagine a project without traditional project management methods like the Waterfall. But the [...]