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Get your branded mobile app with Mariana Tek’s platform at its core. Add custom features and integrations to increase member engagement and strengthen brand loyalty.

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A ready made or a custom app?
You don’t need to choose!

As an official Mariana Tek partner, we build branded apps with Mariana Tek gym management software at their core. A semi-custom, branded app with extra features and integrations will help you stand out from your competitors, increase member engagement, impress investors, and grow your business. At the same time, you will have all the back office needs of your studio covered by a reliable solution that your team is already familiar with.

Increase member engagement
with custom 5th tab features

Offer your customers a premium experience! Personalized recommendations? Dashboards that help to track progress? Social features? Gamification? By adding custom features to your app, you will help your members achieve their fitness goals and increase their brand loyalty.

Strengthen your brand
with a fully bespoke member mobile app connected to Mariana Tek

Premium brands need a premium feel. Beautiful dashboards and features designed with attention to detail and best UX practices in place will give your customers a high-level experience and help you stand out from the competition.

Improve member experience
with wearable data and personalized recommendations

The future of the fitness industry is data. Integrate with different wearable devices such as Apple Watch or Fitbit to track your members’ performance and gather data to provide users with personalized recommendations and increase their motivation.

Boost your platform’s capabilities
by connecting other apps

App integration is a simple way to bring extra features that the core Mariana Tek platform does not include. Using ready-made integration tools, we are able to connect Hubspot, Salesforce, DocuSign, tax systems, loyalty programs, venue booking apps, dashboards, workout performance tracking, or any other apps – fast and efficiently.

Inspire meaningful interactions
with custom social features

Many of the physical workouts can be replicated at home. Communities can’t. With custom social features such as groups sharing their results, leaderboards, chats, comments section, etc., you can foster interactions between your studio members and strengthen the community.

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About the Mariana Tek

Built by fitness experts, for fitness experts.

Mariana Tek is the leading choice for botique fitness studios who want to stand outfor fitness experts.

Mariana Tek is easy to use for both your team and your members, and it has comprehensive features that keep working long after you close shop. Delight your customers with simple but effective booking and buying flows. Better understand the customer journey so you can act on key moments and drive acquisition, conversions, retention, and revenue.

Take control of your day-to-day operations. Mariana Tek is an accessible platform where your members can see schedules and pricing, and your staff can get the info they need easily. Not only is Mariana Tek designed mobile-first and desktop-friendly, but it also works seamlessly with any other existing site.

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How to proceed with Mariana Tek custom development?

Schedule a call to talk about your product vision.
Join the workshops where we analyze the details of the project, specify its scope, prioritize features and provide you with estimates.
Let our design team craft mockups of your future app.
Then, our development team will bring it all together and turn it into a functional product.
… and that’s it! Your studio members can enjoy a custom app while your staff does not encounter any frictions related to system migration.
Work with people who know the fitness industry

We’ve been in the fitness space for years, working both as tech partners and business consultants. During that time, we’ve helped numerous fitness companies innovate, grow, and delight their customers with premium apps and features. We will help you prioritize your ideas, suggest the right tech stack, and find ways to bring your app to the market as fast as possible.

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