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Let your idea bloom during intensive, two-day workshops. Bring your project to life faster and cost-effectively.
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Set your ideas free and prepare them to face the business environment

Project scoping is the ultimate path to bring business and IT fields closer. That’s why before we deploy our developers in your project, we offer you scoping session. Our goal is to create a potential strategy along with every information required for the development process. Your handout is not only a comprehensive report but most importantly – a clear vision of what your product will become.

The session is held either in our office or on your site, depending on what works the most for you. It can also be a virtual workshop – if that is what suits you. You decide, and we gather round to start the scoping process.

Communicate your vision

You come to us with your idea, we work on its advanced understanding.

You are the one who knows your idea, as you have spent some time together already. You probably already know what may bother you the most or work the best. Now tell us more about your hopes and fears, and we will support you and your project through the scoping session.
Scoping session is our way to combine tech expertise, user experience, and business know-how to make your product grow.


Scoping session is our way to combine tech expertise, user experience, and business know-how to make your product grow.

What are the steps of a Scoping Workshop?

Step 1:
Understanding your business

The better the understanding we achieve, the more we can do to contribute to your product’s success. We collect your business requirements, discuss expectations, analyze your IT architecture and ask questions, many, many questions. This is the time where we gather to understand your project and your vision.

Step 2:
Initial Project Scope

This is the time to show how we can adjust our experience and resources to build your product. We define the Initial Project Scope, outline the MVP draft and epics. What follows, is the report preparation.

The lineup of Scoping Workshops

Collecting Business Requirements

We ask numerous questions which concern your project, resources, people you want to target and milestones you want to achieve. Through scoping sessions, we gain the understanding of your business goal, while you see how to reach it in the most effective way.

Defining the project scope

By advancing the understanding of your goals and milestones we give you the best insight on how to choose what characterizes your project and what will you achieve with it.

Discussing expectations regarding our team

A properly fitted team size & composition adds to effective development, keeping your spendings related to the actual needs. Your team will be built to match your project in the possibly best way, without hiring a Michelin-star chef to peel potatoes.

Technical solutions

Just like with the human factor, technologies can be the best fit in various applications. You were always told that there’s no good programming outside of PHP? We back the technical decisions with facts, not prejudices for you to decide the most beneficial way to work.

Self presentation

At this point, you will see how do we work with our clients and communicate during the cooperation. Our work may not always be flawless, but you can be sure that anytime a fault occurs, you will be informed before it can possibly threaten your projects’ success.

Mapping your business ideas into epics

Epics help to control the project and are part of the software development process, containing your ideas, goals, priorities. They help to organize work and building a hierarchy of tasks to be done, enabling efficient work towards the bigger goal.

Outcome of a Scoping Workshop

Within days after scoping sessiom, we provide you with the workshop report. The report, being a comprehensive document, covers the following issues discussed during the scoping session:


  • deep understanding of your idea, including your personas and project’s pain points,
  • the solution – what can we do to make your project succeed,
  • tailor-made technological stack to fully support your needs,
  • potential cost estimates, suggested way of project delivery,
  • epics, gathering the data we obtained during scoping session, prioritizing steps in the project development process,
  • cooperation plan, our contribution and suggested order of delivery – an optimal course of project milestones to optimize the process.


After receiving your copy of the scoping session report, you are good to start what may be your best IT cooperation.

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