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What makes us the best Node.js developers?
What makes us the best choice for NodeJS Development?


We have used Node.JS to help our customers overcome the toughest challenges with performance, scalability, and development speed.

  • When our customer, Redwolf Security, approached us with a new project, we knew we had the perfect tech stack for them. The biggest challenge of the project was to quickly set up the new instances of Agents. This would allow us to run a simulation to check how the performance and security of hundreds of services will handle requests from thousands of users. The core of the product was built in Node.js and Selenium automation stack, and our Node.js developers presented a solution that was able to scalably crawl page with given steps, getting all the needed metrics and informations as a screenshot.
  • Appmixer is a web platform that lets you easily build automated workflows using popular apps like Trello, Salesforce or Typeform in your own solution. We have used NodeJS as the development platform for the same reason LinkedIn switched to it – because the thing Node.js is best at doing is making different services talk to each other.
  • Perkins&Will is the world leader in research-based architecture and design. Being aware that that real-time collaboration is the key for effectiveness in their job, we have used NodeJS to let many people work on the same business process design at the same time.


We are one of the world’s Top NodeJS Developers on Clutch Leaders Matrix.


We’ve been sponsoring and contributing to one of the fastest growing Node.js frameworks – NestJS. Contributing to the open source project lets us understand the technology better and give back to the community.


What makes NodeJS development a great choice?

See how top software companies benefited from switching to Node.js:

  • The Node.js app was built almost twice as fast as the parallel Java app but with fewer people.
  • It was written 33% less lines of code and constructed with 40% fewer files
  • Using Node.js helped PayPal double the number of requests served per second, at the same time decreasing average response time by 35%.

  • With the use of Node.js, the startup time of the application was reduced by 70%.
  • They increased the performance of the application.
  • It cut the time of the development thanks to pre-built modules.

  • Huge performance gains compared to Ruby on Rails.
  • It cut number of servers, traffic capacity was doubled, and the app works up to 10 times faster on the client-side.
  • It also turned out to be best at talking to other services, so their mobile app can easily “talk” to the platform API and the database.

  • Page loads became faster by about 50%.
  • They were able to serve the same amount of traffic with less hardware.
  • Their team was also able to make features and design changes more quickly compared to their old architecture.

  • According to Uber’s statement, Node.js turned out to be excellent for quick iteration; programs could be inspected and errors could be addressed on the fly without requiring a restart.
  • In their publication, there is also a strong emphasize on the active open source community that continuously optimizes the technology. It gets better all the time, practically on its own.

Is Node.js the right technology for you?
  1. Will your app handle lots of data at once? Node.js  uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it lightweight and efficient. That’s why it is perfect for data-intensive real-time applications!
  2. Do you expect to get more and more users? Node.js allows more convenient data exchange between the client and the server. It serves all the needs of the development process and provides the efficiency and scalability any app can use.
  3. Are you building a Single-Page Application (SPA)? Node continues to grow in popularity and become the preferred technology for many enterprises. Said to be a perfect solution for SPAs, it’s a top pick for scalable and real-time applications.
  4. Node has one of the biggest collections of open-source libraries. And thanks to the use of JavaScript on both backend and frontend, you can also use the same libraries on both.
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