Build appealing charts and visualizations

Present your data in a visual form to make it
comprehensible and engaging!

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How does it work?

Charts and visualizations help to present data in a more appealing, visual form. Data doesn’t have to be boring, but blocks of numbers, names, and other information can be difficult to understand. An Excel spreadsheet may be enough to present data but it’s neither nice, nor effective. It requires manual updating and it is not easy to read.

It’s much easier to present data in a visual form – this way, we make sure that everything is clear and comprehensible. Additionally, when an update is applied, all users see the change, meaning that the entire team works on the same version of the file. Up-to-date data accessible to everyone at any time.

Frameworks such as JointJS or Rappid allow us to create visual tools tailored to your needs. Using the tools provided by these technologies, we’re able to focus on your business logic and use ready-made elements to bring your ideas to life as soon as possible.

Intuitive interface modules created with Rappid allow users to design workflows, charts or other visualizations interactively or graphically. This way, users themselves can manage the data how they want in a simple way.

We can use charts and visualizations to create:

  • organizational charts
  • business process modeling notation
  • flowcharts
  • decision trees
  • real-time data diagrams
  • trading charts

We used charts and visualizations in:

Main advantages

Clear and readable

No matter how complex data structures it is.


All your data presented in a visual form are much easier to read and understand.

Up to-date

Everybody works on the same up-to-date information.


No need to switch between numerous versions of one file.


Charts and visualizations can be applied to sharing many types of information, including organizational charts, flowcharts, decision trees, trading charts, and many more.

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