AI Talks | January 11, 2024, 11:00 am EST

Key Challenges of Generative AI Adoption in 2024

  • Date January 11, 2023
  • Time 11 am EST
  • Guests Matt Lewis, Matt Kurleto

Get ready for the next AI Talks! This time, we’ll meet with Matt Lewis, Global Chief Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Officer at Inizio Medical, to discuss what companies looking to implement generative AI in 2024 should prepare for. We’ll go through the challenges specific to the health & fitness world as well as those common among various industries, and we’ll delve into the currently known solutions. Ready for another priceless dose of practical knowledge? Join us on January 11!

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The healthcare industry is a perfect starting point for discussing the intricacies of generative AI adoption — cause, in this world, the upsides and the downsides of utilizing Gen AI are more significant than in any other field. While the benefits can reach an incomparable, life-changing (or even life-saving) importance, the shortcomings and mistakes can lead to enormous consequences, so all the potential risks require working out bullet-proof solutions.

In simpler words: you can’t get it wrong following the lessons learned from the healthcare backyard.

That’s why, in the upcoming AI Talks, Matt Lewis — life sciences visionary, augmented intelligence futurist & human-centric innovator — will share some of his expertise on implementing generative AI in healthcare and, together with our host, Matt Kurleto, analyze how those practices can be extended to other industries.

Join the webinar and learn:

How does generative AI revolutionize healthcare and pharma?
What are the main challenges of adopting Gen AI in this sector?
Are these challenges much different from those faced by other industries?
How to efficiently address Gen AI adoption challenges?

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Matt Lewis
Inizio Medical

Matt specializes in partnering with key stakeholders to speed up decision-making for leveraging artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, digital innovation, and bespoke consultancy. In his 25 years of life sciences experience, he has gained deep expertise in oncology/hematology, neuropsychiatry, and rare disorders, and contributed to the launch of over 60 treatments globally. He co-chairs the AI Task Force at the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals, is a founding Board Member of the Society for Artificial Intelligence and Health, and is the Executive Lead for Inizio Medical’s Business Employee Resource Group on Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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Matt Lewis, webinar speaker
Matt Kurleto

The founder of Neoteric, where we help enterprises innovate with AI. Founder of 3 VC-backed startups. Responsible for the TechSeed strategy and acceleration program. Matt has been experimenting with AI since 2008, leading commercial implementations since 2017 with experience across different industries such as telecom, healthcare, and education.

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Matt Kurleto

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