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Helping the world’s data connectivity leader boost their sales with a new demo tool

Data connectivity platform

The Client is a US-based SaaS company that offers the world’s leading data connectivity platform. By enabling companies and their partners to better connect, control, and activate data, they transform customer experiences and generate valuable business outcomes. 

About the project

When the Client approached us, they were looking for a team of designers and developers who could help them build a front-end part of an app for their sales representatives. The app was planned to be used at the demo sessions to present a complex, technical product to potential clients without requiring any parties to have a technical background.

Our tasks

Designing an intuitive interface

As the application was planned to be used by non-technical users, strong UI and UX were of the highest importance. The app needed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

Building the front-end part of the application

While the back-end was developed on the client’s side, our goal was to build the “visual overlay” for the app – implement the designs and make sure it all works well together.



The Client approached us with three challenges.

1. Making the app super intuitive even for non-technical users

Even though the Client’s team provides their clients with a very complex, technical product, it serves non-technical users. As the app’s goal was to show how the main product works, it needed to be intuitive and easy to use without any special training.

2. Aligning works with the works on the back-end side

As both parts of the application were developed simultaneously, and the Client’s internal team developed the back-end in the US, communication in the project was crucial to the product’s success.

3. Data security

Even though the application was meant to be used as a demonstration tool, it may use some real data (e.g. when uploaded during a live demo session). Therefore, it was essential to make sure that data was secure at every step of the process. Also, as certain safety procedures were already in place across the organization, it was essential to align with the standards.

They have been fantastic to work with! They have good technical knowledge, they take the deadlines seriously, they take responsibility for the project, and the communication is just great. Working with them feels just like having a team next door.

Head of Global Identity Engineering



1. Designing app’s UI based on user scenarios

Basing on the user scenarios and some sketches provided by the Client, as well as on the additional interviews, we created the designs that were later used to build the application. Staying in touch with the Client, we were able to gather feedback and act on it before implementing the designs in the actual application.

2. Daily stands with the back-end team and following the Cooperation Manual

Keeping in mind how important communication was to project success, we knew how important it would be to follow the processes that have already proved to facilitate the remote work and to team up with the Client’s internal developers. So we were in touch through the whole project, met on the daily stands, planned and reviewed the sprints together.

3. Building a module that gives a user a preview of the available data

Once a user uploads a CSV file, he can choose the attributes that will match the columns of the original CSV file and will be used in the further steps of the process. For example, the uploaded data combined with the attributes could be used to create different, customized outputs.

4. Introducing two-steps authentication using OCTA

In order to meet the Client’s corporate standards regarding data security, we introduced two-steps authentication with OCTA – an authorization tool used across the whole organization.

Technology we used

Adobe XD




Project Results

Building a functional application to support the sales team

The designed product is intuitive and easy to use. Based on the user scenarios and sketches and the additional interviews, we were able to create and implement the designs that meet users’ expectations.

Boosting sales with a new demo tool

The new app made it easier for the sales representatives to present the main product to potential customers. With the designed modules, they can show how the platform works, what data the customers can get, and how the data processing looks like.

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