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Making the online world a safer space thanks to crisp data and clear analytics

One of the top cyber threat management company in Europe

Around a year ago we started collaborating with a company based in The Netherlands that is on a mission to change the world’s cybersecurity scene. Our client provides a cutting-edge solution that detects and analyses potential hack threats for companies of all sizes throughout Europe – from enterprises and service providers to government agencies because we all need to protect our data.

About the project

When you have a great idea for a product and a lot of data to visualize, all you need is a skilled web app development team. Our client had a vision for a web application that detects malicious activity around their customer’s domains and showcases it in many ways and details. We’ve implemented the designs provided by the client, and we’ve been helping improve, maintain, and evolve the platform ever since. 

Our tasks

Front-end development from scratch

As a considerate tech partner, we decided on React technology that will help us support the innovative technology our client builds, but also scale the product by adding new features easily.

Collaboration with the internal back-end team

What the platform does is provide detailed information about potential threats and hackers. This means a lot of data points to be addressed in a UX-friendly way. The complexity of the concept made the front-end work so much fun.

Quality assurance as a standard

At Neoteric, we not only write code but also live by a code. Part of our absolute must-have procedure is double-checking if what we handle for our clients works perfectly.



1. Working with cybersecurity at heart at all times

Staying safe online is not just business to our client. That’s why we made it our top priority to respect all safety measures and take extra precautions when it came to handovers, all communications, and even meetings. Of course, we have our processes and routines but we’re willing to adapt because we recognize and cultivate the values of the companies we work with as tech partners.

2. Showing clear insights, not just data

How to make sure the end-user will get all the needed information when you have so many numbers to show? What we believe in Neoteric is not just building products but making sure they will bring actual business value. This is why we made sure the dashboard we’ve built is customer-centric.

3. Developing the product at scale

Building a data-driven platform from the ground up, you want to make sure any extra features and add-ons will be easy to implement to provide true business value. With the best interest of our client’s in mind, we’ve picked a technology that helps us all grow.

What’s very important when we’re talking about this client is how amazingly consistent they are. You can clearly see that they don’t take shortcuts when it comes to cyber threats management and I think that’s why we work so well together because, at Neoteric, we love clients who are true to their values, just like we are.
Tomasz Stradomski Photo

Tomasz Stradomski / Account Executive



1. Setting up the admin panel for the client

First things first, we’ve built a backstage dashboard to make sure our clients have their data collected and analyzed properly. Thanks to that, they can manage the accounts set up by their customers and understand the adoption and usability of the product. This is a basic business-driven task that we treated as a cornerstone of the project.

2. Implementing a complex design successfully

Data visualization has become an up-and-coming industry recently but to do it well, you need the wow effect as most people can’t see insights in plain numbers. So it’s not easy to create a platform that shows mostly data in a captivating way. But who said we like easy? What our team has built for the client is a platform that showcases all the information about prevented hacker threats on your domain in real time. The dashboard is full of interactive widgets and charts like for example a map highlighting localization of attack attempts, an hour histogram, an IP list, and lots of filtering options for better data-driven decisions.

3. Adding advanced features

The platform has changed since the beginning significantly – we’ve been implementing new details that make the dashboard more and more sophisticated. Apart from a clear and simple standard dashboard, more curious users are able to check the advanced view with more data about hacker threats. One of the recent features are tooltips that guide the end-user through all the functionalities. And there’s still a lot to go!

The element that I like the most in this dashboard is the interactive map. It looks really impressive and helps to understand the presented data in a very elegant and insightful way.
Ariane Hinz Photo

Ariane Hinz / Scrum Master

Technology we used

Project Results

Improving the understanding of cyber threats

Cyber threat management and data visualization might be difficult to capture by an average person. However, in a world of data trades and malicious behavior, these subjects simply have to become more important and closer to regular people. It takes a lot of determination and brilliance to create a platform that allows nipping potential hacker attacks in the bud so easily. We are proud to contribute to this grand idea.

Successful product and safe customers

Thanks to innovative technology, a customer-oriented approach, and a user-friendly product, our client can realize their mission to be one step ahead of the hackers. Together, we make cybersecurity reachable for businesses and organizations of all sizes, like enterprises, governments, banks but also SMBs.

Efficient maintenance and lots of development opportunities

Thanks to smooth communication and great connection on the product mission and business goals, the platform improvements and adding new features is easy as pie. With the client’s revolutionary approach to hack attempts and our mutual understanding of the technology, future opportunities are limitless. Together, we’re ready to conquer the world of cybersecurity.


“There are a lot of interactive elements and building them was very satisfying from the developer’s point of view. I like how smooth our communication and cooperation is, The client has a clear vision and an important issue to address. They know what they want but are open to our suggestions as well. I’m super excited about the future features we’re about to add and kill off the backlog one by one.”
Artur Maj Photo

Artur Maj / Frontend Developer

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