All for one, one for all

It’s the people that make Neoteric what we are. It’s their skills that help our clients achieve their goals, it’s their experience that helps to find the best solution to the problem, it’s their courage to experiment that lets us go beyond what is expected, and it’s their spirit that helps us build the Team.

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Who we are

We are a team who decided to challenge how most software houses work.


We work on projects that we believe in, and because of that, we don’t limit our work to coding and crossing tasks out of the list. Instead, we put a team around you that takes responsibility and manages the entire web application development process, focusing on understanding your customers and your objectives. Combining tech expertise with an understanding of business needs, we ensure that the products we make not only work but succeed.


No matter if you want to join our team as a teammate or as a client, you can expect:

  • smooth communication,
  • honesty and transparency,
  • teamplay,
  • flexibility.
Our values – Team

“In Neoteric, we work as a team. Regardless of the department, we support each other with our knowledge and the unique skill sets that we have.”

(Johny, Full-Stack Developer)

Neoteric's team: photo 1
Our values – Family

“The best thing about working here is that we are a big family. We have fun spending time together, we help each other (not only at work), and we know that we can always count on each other.”

(Karina, Project Manager)

Neoteric's team: photo 2
Our values – Freedom & responsibility

“The freedom to choose the most suitable way of solving problems gives space for growth and naturally rises responsibility for our actions.”

(Grzegorz, Software Engineer

Neoteric's team: photo 3
Our values – Self-development

“A few weeks of working under the watchful eye of a mentor are worth months of theory! Working in interdisciplinary teams, sharing feedback, and supporting each other’s efforts help us develop our skills and grow professionally.”

(Robert, Full-Stack Developer)

Neoteric's team: developer by the computer
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