Blockchain Developer

We are Neoteric – a team who decided to challenge the way that most software houses work. We believe in approaching each project as a potential game-changer and because of that, we support our clients comprehensively, going far beyond the code. Combining tech expertise with the understanding of business needs, we ensure that the products we make work and our customers succeed on the market.

We have ambitious growth plans and we would like to invite most talented Software Engineers to the Neoteric family. If you are an experienced Blockchain Developer, you’re an independent thinker and abstract thinking is your thing too, you’re assertive, like to have open-minded arguments, and you are looking for big challenges – you should read this job offer! 🙂

We are looking for high-skilled Blockchain Developers for a very ambitious project related to building decentralized Internet of Places. It uses the UNL – decentralized micro-location protocol for addressing, navigation and location-based services. The UNL protocol divides the Earth’s surface and indoor spaces into a grid of programmable cells on the blockchain and univocally labels each one with a unique virtual location IP address. It is designed to serve as a backbone to a variety of business applications where addressing and geolocation-related technologies are critical.


  • 3+ years of experience in ECMAScript and C++ (NodeJS and NodeJS addons)
  • NoSQL databases (MongoDB)
  • Relational databases (Postgresql or MySQL)
  • Websockets and WAMP protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTPS)
  • Experience in programming scalable backends
  • Experience in developing production-level applications
  • Knowledge of public-key cryptographic systems and standards (RSA, Ed25519, EdDSA, ECDSA, X.509)
  • Cryptographic hashing algorithms (Keccak, Blake2)
  • Knowledge of P2P networking
  • Extensive knowledge of blockchains and consensus protocols (BigchainDB, Hyperledger Iroha, Hyperledger, Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus)
  • Designing RESTful APIs
  • Distributed databases
  • Unit-testing and Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines.
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Git
  • Gitlab

What can you expect?

  • Salary – mid: 10-14k + VAT, senior: 14-18k + VAT, team lead: 18-22k + VAT (negotiable for very experienced candidates)
  • Everything that is necessary for your development: mentor support, engaging projects in a variety of technologies, many possibilities to learn new
  • technologies, a lot of independence and autonomy.
  • Clearly defined goals and career path: OKRs, regular Performance Review related to promotions and salary increases.
  • Work-life balance: real flexible working hours, including home office as long as your job is done.
  • Great, open, and friendly atmosphere: flat organizational structure, direct and open communication on all levels of organization, Fruit Tuesdays and success
  • celebrations on Fridays, regular FIFA tournaments and occasional fruit ninja challenge 🙂
  • … and more: private medical healthcare, opportunity to get shares as a bonus

Found your match?