On-demand webinar

Scale up your business with AI

  • Type On-demand webinar
  • Guest Buyun Zhao

Expert in AI, Board Member to 5 AI startups,
Portfolio Manager, Cambridge Graduate

In this recording…

During the webinar you will learn how to use AI to grow your business by solving critical business problems and getting a competitive advantage.

During this on-demand webinar you will learn about…

Do I need AI?

The most important metrics you need to measure.

How to use AI to outperform your competition?

How to conquer new market segments?

Greg Gwoźdź

Expert in AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data. CTO at Neoteric, Creator and Chief Everything Officer at SaaSMgr – an enterprise software that uses Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing to help telecoms, insurance, and B2C subscription-based services understand their customers better, reduce churn and multiply Customer Lifetime Value.

Dr. Buyun Zhao

Dr. Buyun Zhao is currently the Portfolio Manager of a Canadian Family Office that focuses on AI investments. Previously, he was the COO of Livetree.

He is experienced in AI and media analytics, trained in management consultancy by partners at McKinsey and Bain and sits on the board of 5 different high-growth startups based in London and Silicon Valley.

Prior to his career in the city, he was a neuroscientist at the world-renowned Laboratory of Molecular Biology (which averages one Nobel laureate every two years out of a cohort of 200 scientist) and holds four degrees from Cambridge.

While at Cambridge, he also co-created Molecular Behavioural Analytics (which later became Cambridge Analytica).

Buyun Zhao
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