AI Talks | August 2, 2023, 11:00 am EST

Generative AI – From Idea to Practice

  • Date August 2
  • Time 11 am EST
  • Guests Avi Arnon, Matt Kurleto

Implementing generative AI solutions in your organization? Sign up for the webinar with Avi Arnon, a Venture Investor at Citi, and learn how to go from idea to Gen AI adoption. See how to identify and evaluate the right use cases for using AI, assess your readiness for the implementation, and plan such a project. Learn what the process of generative AI adoption looks like and what it takes to achieve your strategic goals with artificial intelligence.

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How to implement innovations in your organization?

According to the recent McKinsey report on the economic potential of generative AI, this technology could create an additional value potential of $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion annually above what could be unlocked by other AI and analytics.

Yet, the process of generative AI adoption in an enterprise environment is a complex undertaking that requires a solid plan and carries a lot of challenges. In the next episode of the AI Talks, we will discuss how to get from the idea to the successful implementation of generative AI.

Join the webinar and learn:

How to identify and evaluate the right use case for generative AI
How to assess your company’s readiness for Gen AI adoption
What are the steps from the idea to generative AI implementation
How other companies approach such projects & succeed

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Avi Arnon
Citi Ventures

Avi is a Venture Investor at Citi Venture, focusing on data, AI, and customer engagement. Prior to Citi Ventures, Avi was an early-stage investor at iAngels, and a privatization director at the Israeli Ministry of Finance.

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Avi Arnon
Matt Kurleto

The founder of Neoteric, where we help enterprises innovate with AI. Founder of 3 VC-backed startups. Responsible for the TechSeed strategy and acceleration program. Matt has been experimenting with AI since 2008, leading commercial implementations since 2017 with experience across different industries such as telecom, healthcare, and education.

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Matt Kurleto

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