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Building a prototype of an online education platform in just 4 days


Korki is an online platform that connects students and teachers. The prototype of the application was developed during the #IdeaHACK hackathon, addressing the issue of limited access to education during COVID-19 lockdown.

About the project

To help students find tutors and get the support they need, no matter where they are, serial entrepreneur, Victoria Iwanowska, came up with the idea of the platform and joined forces with our developers and designers to build the prototype.

Our tasks

Crystallizing the idea

Before starting the development process, we needed to discuss the details with the ideator to list the requirements and prepare a plan of what had to be done to deliver a prototype.


Building a prototype

We were to develop a prototype of the app within the timeframe specified by the hackathon organizers.



1. Tight hackathon schedule

Under the hackathon rules, we only had 4 days to build an app prototype – starting with crystallizing the idea, through scoping, to development and design.

2. New technology

The hackathon required the projects to be developed with the use of one of Oracle’s technologies: APEX or OCI – both previously unknown to our team, which could be a major hurdle, especially given the challenging schedule.

When the schools were closed, the [vi:] agency in just 48 hours invented an educational platform helping companies to maintain operations by keeping their employees focused and providing education and entertainment for their children. We found out that this help was appreciated by kids, parents, companies but also by tutors who could learn how to manage online classes.

Victoria Iwanowska, [vi:] agency



1. Using our processes to facilitate successful development

Under a very tight schedule, it’s even more important to have a clear picture of what the team is trying to accomplish. The ideator, designers, and developers need to work on a shared vision to make sure the process goes smoothly. Our team held calls with the ideator to get a deeper understanding of the process and do scoping.

2. Collaboration of all team members

Teamwork makes the dreamwork – and so we rely on great collaboration. We’ve worked together on the app to make sure the designs and features live up to the expectations.


Project Results

Prototype built in just 4 days

Our team managed to deliver a successful prototype in the previously unknown to them Apex technology. The app was simple, intuitive, and appealing – a good starting point to continue work on the project.

2 awards won

The prototype our team built won 2 out of 3 awards at the #ideaHACK hackathon. The project was also featured in an article on Forbes Poland’s website.


In just 4 days, we managed to build a prototype that proved to be successful enough to encourage the whole team to keep working on it - and received 2 prizes at the hackathon. After the hackathon, we improved the app and worked on proper security to make sure it’s ready to use. The non-profit app enabling kids to attend private online classes was released in May 2020. Agency [vi:] provided a place on their website www.zDziecmi.pl, tutors, and advertised the app among students. The app allowed matching volunteers and students who needed help with their homework. We are proud that the app helped many students during coronavirus lockdown in May and June 2020.

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