The e-commerce platform offering beer, drinking glass and other related accessories, serves 4000 orders daily from 10 000+ unique users.

Technologies we used:

Beer e-commerce platform

Increasing the performance of a beer e-commerce platform

When the Client approached us, their beer e-commerce platform was dealing with some performance-related problems, which resulted in decreasing customer service capabilities. The application wasn’t efficient enough and it wasn’t able to handle thousands of users at the desired level.

Working closely with backend developers from the Client’s team, we were gradually changing the old code and developing new features. Our goal was to improve the existing platform and add some features that would improve its performance.


1. The performance of the application was limited due to the complex and complicated architecture. The platform was built in PHP Symfony and data transfer between pages and new components wasn’t efficient enough to ensure good customer experience for the users.

2. Some of the dynamic elements of the platform did not serve their purpose properly and they needed to be fixed. This issue may have affected the app’s security, and so it was our highest priority, and it was also affecting the app’s performance, being a threat to the positive experience of the customers.


1. During the development process, new features gradually replaced the old elements. The new features built in React.js made the app safer, faster and more efficient.

2. The new features are now stored in a portable Docker architecture, which contributes to the system’s reliability and scalability, and it makes the process of launching new functionalities faster and easier – which contributes to the further development of the application.


1. The e-commerce web application of our Client serves numerous requests simultaneously, processing over 4000 orders every day. Every transaction is safe, fast, and efficient.

2. User experience of the platform has improved and the percentage of customers dropping their carts decreased significantly, leading to higher revenue.

3. Fixes in the old architecture of the application make all the future changes easier, contributing to the growth of the platform.

Technologies used









What our customer says

They managed the work effectively, working in sprints alongside the in-house team and ensuring that any issues were properly addressed without comprising the progress of the work. They take ownership of what they’re doing and approach tasks professionally. They take a creative approach to problem-solving, without compromising the quality of code.