Neoteric DemoDay 2016

Last Tuesday we hosted our first official DemoDay. We had a chance to share our experience in developing software products presenting our latest work. The idea was to show our customers and friends what we do, how we work, what technology stack we use and, most importantly, what tech and business challenges we had when working on the particular products.

During the DemoDay, we presented seven projects from our portfolio:

  • a streamline appointment scheduling tool which lets you schedule any meeting seamlessly (
  • DevOps: our CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) and Quality Assurance automation.
  • SkillHunt: a recruitment platform for the IT specialists based on referral programs (
  • SchematicLab: a web application for designing and producing electronic circuits (
  • SaaS Manager: a platform designed to speed up building SaaS applications by providing some common features that are required to build cloud applications but are not the core of the business (
  • Let’s Reconnect: a web application designed for the new campaign of Škoda. It’s a 3-dimensional map with points of interest representing different activities that viewers can do with their family and friends (
  • Tosend: an application which makes the accountants’ daily jobs easier by providing them with some useful functionalities (

The aim of the DemoDay was not only to present what we do but also to discuss tech and business challenges we had and to show what we learned from working on these projects. This way we could all learn from each other’s experience. See the event in the photos and in the video!

Neoteric DemoDay 2016
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For those of you who have missed the event but would like to learn more about what we do, there is the video from the presentations on our Facebook page. You can also  find some of the presented projects in our Portfolio.
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