Clutch, a market research firm based in Washington D.C., has provided ratings and reviews for professional service and solution providers since 2012. They evaluate a company’s strengths in a number of factors, including the firm’s ability to meet deadlines, manage a project effectively, and deliver meaningful results to their clients. We are very proud to be featured on Clutch among many other reputable software companies!

Since 2005, Neoteric has grown to a team of 40 skilled professionals who help small and large businesses alike reach their full potential. We offer a host of software development services, including API integration, making highly scalable web and mobile applications, as well as training and consulting sessions. We also mediate digital transformation by helping businesses transfer services to the cloud. Our experience and reputation continue to grow with our portfolio.

Knowing that customer satisfaction is crucial to every business, we want our services to be the highest quality, and the process to be transparent, fast, and efficient for our clients. That’s why we decided to ask for the testimonials through Clutch. The Clutch team speaks directly with each company’s clients and gages their experience by posting questions related to project management, cost, the services provided, and other details relevant to the collaboration. As a result, they get the reviews which are comprehensive and deliver all the relevant information. 

The reviews are not only reliable verifications of our capabilities and experience but also help our own team track our customers’ satisfaction and learn what we can improve. While you can explore the reviews (which we’re very grateful for!) in more detail on our profile, here are just a few of the observations our clients made while speaking with a Clutch Analyst:

“They deliver and communicate, and they’re honest about any unexpected work.” 

“They completed everything to the full expectation of our requirements.” 

“They are knowledgeable and understand how to help their customers”

The reviews presented at Clutch are great feedback for our team and a very good source of information for people who are looking for remote teams to help them make or develop their apps.

The crowded marketplace demands a resource for buyers that helps them determine whether a company is a right fit for their business challenges and goals. We hope that having a presence on Clutch will draw buyers looking to scale their business and develop quality software to Neoteric. Past experience shows that we have the right expertise and can be entrusted to do the job. Thank you again to all of our clients who have provided feedback, and to Clutch, whose partnership helps us improve and grow as a business!

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