Business today is extremely demanding – it expects the rational use of resources and perfectly working and scalable solutions at the same time. JavaScript, Node.js, and TypeScript allow us to meet these expectations. Do you want to know why? In this article, we will try to answer all the questions you may have and explain what TypeScript is and how your business can benefit from using it.

How are Typescript and Node.js connected?

If you run a business and are faced with the challenge of delivering a new product, you need to know some basic concepts. Even if you don’t deal with coding. One of them is JavaScript (JS), a scripting programming language used to create websites, games, but also web and mobile applications.

Why are we calling out JavaScript when we should be talking about TypeScript? 

If you are planning to develop an application, then you need to know that TypeScript is an open-source programming language that was designed as a so-called JavaScript supervisor, equipped with additional functionalities that enhance the capabilities of JavaScript itself.

TypeScript makes working with JavaScript easier and saves developers time when writing code. Do you expect a product that works smoothly and is delivered within a reasonable time and budget? This is the way to go! 

TypeScript has been climbing the popularity charts for the past few years and has been ranked higher and higher. In the Github listing, it is just behind the podium, which belongs to JavaScript, Python and Java. Its popularity is confirmed by the Stack Overflow poll, in which TypeScript ranks 7th.

Microsoft is responsible for the development and maintenance of TypeScript. The support of such a giant ensures constant development and support for this language, which makes it safe to use and reliable

Can I use TypeScript in Node.js?

There are many frameworks, which a programmer writing in JavaScript can reach for, and, in principle, all of them should also work well with TypeScript (minor configuration may be necessary). Node.js is one of the more commonly recommended. This combination is perfect for larger projects, on which many programmers are working at the same time (read also about Node safety).

programmer trying to add typescript to node project

Advantages of using Typescript

One of the most important advantages of TypeScript is that it makes software developers work more efficiently in terms of time and quality.

TypeScript allows rigid variable typing, and assigning an incorrect value to a variable will quickly be returned as an error, as will incorrect function syntax, such as missing one of the arguments.

Integrated development environment (IDE) support is also worth mentioning. This is an editor (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio Code), which highlights identified errors, checks the syntax on the fly, and additionally offers autocomplete or quick tips. Thanks to this, the software developer has a chance to avoid trivial errors, which would be quite difficult to identify at later stages of software development.  

How does it translate into your business? Editor support allows you to create code faster, which is basically error-free. 

Fewer errors at the coding stage mean shorter software development time, and therefore the ability to deliver a working product faster. 

TypeScript language is compatible with all JavaScript libraries and frameworks. It can be used not only with Node.js but also with React, Vue, or any other framework that works with JavaScript.  

Switching to TypeScript does not involve a technological revolution in the company and the need to change the programming language and the framework well known to the team.

Are you worried about the stability and reliability of TypeScript? Remember that Microsoft stands behind it, as well as a huge community, which proves its capabilities and wide application in the business environment on a daily basis.

Who uses TypeScript?

Typescript is very popular, so no one should be surprised by the fact that it is also used by the largest and most well-known market players. By writing this we mean companies like Revolut, Accenture, Bitpanda, Lyft, and DoorDash, just to name a few. And what does it look like from an end-user perspective? Thanks to TypeScript we can use today Asana, Slack, and Angular.

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dev team using typescript in nodejs

The Pros and cons of TypeScript

The great popularity of TypeScript is, of course, not a coincidence. Its wide usage results mainly from the fact that it allows to achieve specific business goals and create reliable and scalable products. But as you might expect it’s not perfect – Typescript also has some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. Let’s concentrate on the advantages first.

Pros of TypeScript

#1 Less errors

+ The ability to assign specific data types to variables and enforce their immutability allows you to catch errors quickly. TypeScript is smart enough to determine the data type based on how the code works.

#2 Better code quality

+ For larger projects with multiple software developers working on them simultaneously, code quality and clarity play an extremely important role. Working on well-written code is faster and more enjoyable, and allows for the easy implementation of changes or extensions to the existing product, as well as the efficient implementation of new team members.

#3 Easy to adjust to current business needs

+ If you are forward-thinking and know that you will be developing your application, TypeScript leaves that path open. If you’re concerned that a limited budget will result in an unfinished product, using TypeScript allows you to close individual stages with all their functionality and open up new ones with budget updates.

#4 Huge talent pool

+ High software developer availability (huge talent pool). TypeScript is the preferred language by many of them, which shortens the process and reduces the cost of recruitment.

Cons of TypeScript

#1 New language to learn

– TypeScript, despite its similarities to JavaScript, has its own rules. It is another language that a programmer must master.

#2 Imperfect syntax checking

– Automatic syntax checking of the code does not mean that it will work perfectly. TypeScript helps detect many errors, but it does not ensure that all of them will be caught.

#3 Extra step – code transpilation

–  The need to compile the language into JavaScript. 

dev using using express with typescript

Benefits of TypeScript over JavaScript

TypeScript is like JavaScript but with no surprises”.

TypeScript was created in response to the imperfections of JavaScript. It not only makes working with code easier but also allows it to be automated to some extent. It increases productivity, allows many mistakes to be avoided, and additionally improves the quality and clarity of the code. 

What other benefits should you be aware of? 

  1. TypeScript supports interfaces while JavaScript doesn’t.
  2. TypeScript has a static typing feature which is not supported by JavaScript.
  3. TypeScript returns errors at arrangements, whereas JavaScript, at the run time.
  4. TypeScript helps organize code better.
  5. TypeScript has better documentation for APIs.

Does TypeScript replace tests? Unfortunately not, but it significantly affects their scope. It eliminates low-level tests and allows you to focus on functional tests. As a result, not only developers but also testers will be able to focus on what is crucial for the performance of the product, rather than on details, which are often time-consuming.

You have to admit that from a business point of view, such an efficient use of your resources strongly argues in favor of reaching for TypeScript.

Is TypeScript worth it for Node.js?

Does the duo that is TypeScript and Node.js speak for optimizing your time and your budget?

Node is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, and TypeScript itself is very well established in the Node.js world. What does this mean for business? Why companies choose Node.js? Firstly, there is no risk that something can go wrong. This duo has already been tested many times and has proven its effectiveness more than once. Secondly, there is no shortage of programmers on the market who know both TypeScript and Node.js development, which allows you to assume that building a competent team or responding to a possible rotation in its ranks will not be troublesome. You can also pick a Node.js development company.

So, if you are planning a new project, and you care about easy and relatively fast implementation, you can reach for TypeScript and Node.js with full confidence. Especially if we are talking about projects that will require ongoing maintenance after implementation. 

What about projects already in progress? In these situations, it’s worth considering, because a change may not be beneficial in every situation. Sometimes the level of difficulty and time-consuming execution of a technological “revolution” may turn out to be so high that it cannot be economically justified.

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